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Church of the Living EL- יהוה Jerusalem

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144,000 The Living Elect of YHWH Church of the Living EL - Jerusalem Apostolic Christianity What is Apostolic Christianity? Apostolic Christianity is what Yahu'shuah the Messiah and His Apostles knew, taught, lived by and died for. We believe the same things that the Holy Bible teaches us minus all the things that have been added since the council of Nicacea in 325 AD and after. We believe what the Holy Bible and the Tanach really say and that Yahu'shuah Messiah and all of His Apostles really taught. The Gospel of Yahu'shuah Messiah was about the coming Kingdom of YHWH, which is YHWH's government structure that was given to Moshe on Mt. Sinai. A government formed on the Ten Commandments, Laws & Statutes of YHWH and how to become part of the soon coming government and receive eternal life. We obey the Commandments, Law & Statutes that Yahu'shuah Messiah gave to Moshe prior to becoming flesh, teaching the Truth, dying & being resurrected. By doing so, justifying us from our sins which is breaking the Commandments and Law of YHWH. We obey the Sabbath and keep it Holy, also the Sabbath days associated with the Feasts. We obey the Feast's explained in Exodus and Deuteronomy. Passover Unleavened Bread Pentecost Trumpets Atonement and the Feast of YHWH We obey the additional commandments given by YHWH to love one another as he loves us and laid down his life for all of us. This is My commandments that you love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12) The Bible says it is YHWH that atones us of our sins but to live a righteous life as he told us to. We must obey the Commandments and the Law because they define what sin is. The Bible says worship Only the Father & the Son. We do not believe the trinity doctrine.

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Posted by: abjerken on Nov 3, 2012

This is the belief structure of this church that gives the Foundation we need to worship Him in Truth, which is what He expects of those that call on His name.

YHWH bless you!

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