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Jesús Cochegrús - Liderando la innovación

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During this talk we are going to talk about a few fundamentals, a few strategies that we have in video games, the way we behave in video games, and how we can take it to the corporate world to confront and transform our companies, innovate, given the pandemic we are experiencing. So come on, let's start with that! Number 1 dimension in a video game... 1# YOU ARE THE HERO When you play a video game you understand that it is up to you to win the world cup or win that championship, or if you are Mario Bross it is up to you to rescue the princess... or save that great universe. When you are playing a video game your mentality is very basic, you understand something very simple, the only and absolute responsible for what happens in your game is you. Heroes are FORGED. They are not magically born, they are forged through adversity and your choices. And today, bringing this down tremendously to the real world, I would ask you, How are we behaving in this "unfair" situation? Because it definitely took us by surprise and it is unfair, right? Sometimes I would like to reach out and give it... as we say in Mexico, a hit to the man who ate the bat in China, right? We would be better off if he had not eaten that dish, but... but, how are we behaving in this situation? As people, in our corporate world and as a society... Second foundation that we do in video games that truly changes our mentality, and it has to do with 2# ENVIRONMENTS THAT HOOK US to a video game, the first thing that calls your attention in a video game is that atmosphere, right? It could be the design, it could be the characters, the story ... that universe, it calls you and you want to be part of it. and here comes a secret for our corporate world and our personal world. How is the environment of our personal life and our corporate world? The secret my dear: THE ENVIRONMENTS ARE DESIGNED They are designed in three main levels, which we are going to see right now. Each of us is the architect of success... of our person, of our team, of our company, when designing three large environments. Variable number 1# PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT. What is your physical environment triggering in you? We have to create environments that trigger or promote our creativity... our process optimization, the fact that we are truly flowing in ideas... Second environment to be the architect of your company's success, 2# OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENT. How are we operating in this new reality? Definitely the Covid arrived and destroyed our operation. We have to rethink it, and we have done it in recent months... Routines, schedules, roles, responsibilities... it has to be done. When you play a video game there is a universe with clear and simple rules, that EVERYONE understands how to play. We must quickly focus on reestablish, if we have not done it, our operational environments under this new reality and everything has to work. The third dimension of the environment, 3# SPIRITUAL ENVIRONMENT. The question is, what does it feel like, what do you breathe in your home... among your work team, in your company, when you enter your offices? What spiritual and human environment do you breathe? The third foundation we use in video games to truly face the challenges and behave like heroes. In a video game you frequently rethink your strategy. Today is the time to rethink strategies and enter that game as leaders. And here I am going to ask you some triggering questions... The central question is, How would you ENERGIZE your RELATIONSHIP, your CONNECTION with the CLIENT? How would you keep it energized without physical contact? And the same for your work team... How do you constantly keep that connection energized? Loyalty, the fact that they keep you in mind... Second trigger question, How would you reinvent your customer interaction model? And how would you reinvent your operation model and your business model? We have to turn to see digital tools... And here, hey, what are your strengths? You have to change processes, you have to change methodologies... What makes you different? What makes you strong? Against other companies. What weapons do we have to invest in? What staff should we look for? We have to invest in this, do we have people in the company that we have to turn to and ask for help? Or external providers... What powers or abilities should we develop? What new things should we learn? How are we going to manage resources? What should we invest in and what should we stop? Have you already drawn your progress map? Are you clear on how you are reinventing your company? Let's go to the fourth foundation in a video game that truly invites us to behave like heroes and to face things differently ans it is... 4# THERE ARE MONSTERS TO FACE. We all, in our real world like people, have monsters my dear, big monsters, little monsters... I say monsters, some are external monsters, which do not depend on us... What is happening right now with the pandemic, economics, politics, natural phenomena... They are big monsters, but we have no control over them. And there are other little monsters that live in our head and we can face those! Let's go to the fifth strategy, there are seven and we are almost done with this. Fifth strategy, fifth foundation of a video game... 5# TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENERGY! When you are playing a video game you take care of your energy... I do not know if you have noticed but many characters have a bar on their head, that bar can be green, it can be yellow, it can be red and it indicates your energy level... And it also influences the way you behave in a video game, if your bar is green, you say wow, throw me to the monsters, right? And you go with everything, you are, as we say in Mexico, very fanatical, you are impulsive. In a video game if your bar is yellow, you are cautious, you are careful, right? You give the enemy a little hit and take a step back, right? You are carefully managing your energy. The question is, what do you do in a video game when your energy is red? Do you go and face enemies directly? Do you go and face them? No! What do you do in a video game? If your bar is red you go and look for energy... You need to boost your energy before going to face monsters and challenges. I ask you, how do we we behave in our real world, in our corporate world? And today more than ever. We must take good care of our energy bars because of what we are living. We are facing a difficult psychological situation. The sixth foundation, the sixth strategy of a video game that truly makes us hooked and want to win in this universe and it is that 6# we are clear about our PURPOSE! Remember, I always quote Mario Bross here, right? When you were playing Mario Bross, well, you were in that universe... and you had to rescue the princess, right? You were like a modern version of that knight errant who had to rescue the princess... from the dragon's hands, right? But well, I would like to pause quickly here, I'm sorry to destroy some people's childhood, Mario Bross is not a knight errant, Mario Bross is a plumber. I always think of the scene, imagine, the princess is walking very happy in the park and Bowser arrives, the giant turtle, the "dragon"... Bowser arrives and takes her on his shoulders and kidnaps her, right? He runs off with the princess, and the princess in that moment yells at the mushrooms "Bring Mario!" And the mushrooms turn to see like... "Mario? The plumber?" "Yeah, Mario!" and Bowser runs away with her, right? I always thought, I said, well, some interesting service had to be in the past so that the princess's first thought was of the plumber... But well, I close parentheses. When you play Mario Bross, to rescue the princess my dear, is not a goal... It is an ideal, it is your purpose, you understand the relevance of the princess for the kingdom and you are willing to face any monster, to any challenge in order to save that universe. I ask you, what is your prince or your princess that you want to rescue through your work? Why are you doing what you are doing and for whom are you doing what you are doing? Beyond your family and your loved ones, we all do it for them but, whose day or life can you change through your daily work? Do you understand the relevance that your work can have for other people? They are not merely transactions, it is about what can happen in their day or in their lives... I want to close this talk, talking of the most beautiful of a video game and it is that there are 7# NEW WORLDS TO DISCOVER! We love games because there is always something else to discover! I want you to take a look at this image... Think about this image, what does it tell you? New horizons, go there watching a sunrise, something totally new... Is it possible that what we are experiencing can take us to a dimension that we had never imagined? It all depends on the approach and how we see things...

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Jesús Cochegrús - Liderando la innovación

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