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I want to make a HKT movie! -Ah, right, you are theater manager? -Yes! That's why I think a lot about HKT now. -I wanted to do a show helpful to people. -Wonderful! - Hello. Please excuse me. I am Sashihara Rino from HKT48, nice to meet you -Hello. -Haven't you watched director's movies? -No. -She doesn't watch my movies. -Watch them! -She does't watch them at all. -"Kids Police"? Ah, I had a minor role in it! -She doesn't even watch those she starred in. -Oh my... She doesn't watch them even though she attends PR event for upcoming movie with me. -I can't sit through a movie. -Why? Are you a sparrow? When I watch a movie, I can't sit still, need to move. -So such girl... -I want to make a movie. -Eh, why don't you try? He said it like he has nothing to do with it. Sashihara's Rebellion "Sashihara's Rebellion" is a show in which Sashihara Rino works with all kinds of professionals to challenge several projects, while traveling and messing around everywhere. I heard you've produced a lot of movies... How much money you earn if a movie becomes a hit? This kind of silly talk? -If one becomes a hit. -If it's a hit?.. It's case-by-case, right? Well, when I was employed in a company I didn't get an interest, if a movie was a hit. -Is that so? -Of course! -So you get the same payment for flop and hit? If you're an employee. -So when you became independent producer... -This is what happens. You've got a call. Directors don't get interest either? It's difficult... Directors can get interest, but producers don't get at all. Is that so?.. So that's when movie's Box Office is $100 millions, I get asked how much did it cost to produce. And if a movie was made on $7 millions they foolishly think that $93 millions went in my pocket. -Yeah, I am the type to think like that. -She'd think like that. -You know... -Yes? It's completely wrong. Movie theaters rent movies not at retail ticket price, but at wholesale price, which is 50% cheaper. Wow, you've been called a lot! It can't be helped, you must be very busy. You have a next appointment. [Phone been turned off] Because of wholesale price $100 millions in reality are $50 millions. -Ah, that's the profit you actually get. -Yes, right. -So who gets those $50 millions? -Well, we, since we made a movie, but out of those $50 millions we have to pay a distribution commission. -To whom you pay distribution commission? -To film distributor. -Toho? -Correct. -Zaboom! -But not only to Toho! -It's not Toho! -Film distributors like Toho get around 35%. -I see... -35%?! -Yes. But before that there is a production cost and also advertising expanses. -For posters at Shibuya or TV commercials. -Yes, or newspaper ads. Sorry to interrupt, but what does P&A mean? [P&A] It means Prints and Advertising. -Prints? -Prints are different now when 99% of films are shot on digital cameras. -Back in the days, you needed 100 film prints to show in 100 theaters. -Ah, film copies! -So 300 copies for 300 theaters. -Are they expensive? Yes. 1 copy costs $3 000. So for 100 theaters you need $300 000. And for 300 theaters you need $1 million. Not so loud! -This is sick! -Not so loud! And there is also advertising costs. For CMs. -Are TV ads expensive? -Of course! So those movies that are heavily advertised are expensive to produce? -Yes. There were lots of CMs of "The Complex". Do you feel excited if your movie is doing great? Of course it feels good. How is it doing? It wasn't released yet! But it'll be a problem if it flops. -When is a premiere? -On 21st of December. -Come and see it! Please! -Yes, please. -Sorry, but can I ask a dumb question? -Sure. Who covers a production cost? Investors? In short, yes, investors. They join Production Committee. -Listen about Production Committee. -There is a Production Committee. [Production Committee] -Ah, there it is. -There is a lot of investors who joined it, about 16. Some of them are big investors, some are small. -I see, so those investors give money... -Yes, they provide money. So producer plans to make a movie. Those investors who support the idea join the Production Committee. -So those companies cover production cost... -They provide risk hedge. -Wow... Oh, Dentsu is there! -Yes it is. -But there are no TV stations. -Dentsu is an investor. So if "The Eternal Zero" will succeed, those 16 companies in Production Committee will get dividends? Yes. Some covered 30% of costs and some only 1%. -So they'll return the money they invested? -Yes, their shares. For example, if $1 million, spent for production, is returned, then it's all good, because we produced a movie and no one has lost money. But if a profit increases, shares also increase. "Yey, we earned 150% of what we spent!" So if $1 million was invested, $1.5 millions return. Isn't this great? After listening to various people in this show I realized that it is hard to make ends meet. -You sure fuss a lot over payments... -I recalled the pay talk. It's difficult. So with those even shares, you don't earn much. For example, if production cost of a movie is $5 millions and P&A is $3 millions, overall is $8 millions. So to cover expanses of $5 million movie you need a $20 million Box Office. -To recoup money from showing movie in theaters... Do you know what "recoup" means? -No. Here is a new word for you beside "pay". Recoup. [Recoup] To recoup means to get invested money back. -From Production Committee? -Yes, investors will be happy to get their money back. -Right, everyone will be happy... get their money back. Then there are 2nd and 3rd releases on TV and DVDs. There it is! A DVD! DVD is awesome, isn't it? So if you can recoup in movie theaters, you can fan yourself. -What does it mean? -To relax. -Well, it's as simple as that, though... -Then you simply wait? -No, there is still a lot of things to do, like releasing DVDs, etc. -So to recoup a $5 million movie... -The Box Office must be $20 millions. [End of lesson, back to the main topic] I want to make a movie, where should I start? Wow, I am lost, there is so many things... -Moreover, a nationwide. -A movie that will promote a Hakata idol group nationwide. It's difficult... -If you want a nationwide release... -Of course. need a movie that will interest big nationwide level distributors like Toho. And for that you need a good project plan... -Is it that difficult? -Yes it is. Even if you have a plan, don't call me! -We were in the middle of making connections! -Don't involve me. The next time she'd see you, she would probably act like your bestie. Yeah, like "Abe-san, Abe-san, how is HKT movie going?" First of all, what kind of movie did you want to make? -School drama. -School with visual effects. -School what? -Visual effects. School drama with visual effects. [School drama with visual effects] I've heard that Yamazaki-san is master of visual effects, so I was hoping he'll film it. So what exactly is this school effects thing? With gunfights like in "Matrix". -Something like that. -I see... I'll watch it. -Yey! -He has no will to be involved whatsoever! But I am happy he is willing to watch it. -Zero interest in work. -You are really something. But what will you say if, for example, a star actor will agree to play in this HKT's movie? And director will be Yamazaki Takashi. I'll watch it when it's done. As expected, no interest... -What if Sakai Masato will star in it? -Ah, a currently popular actor. -Sakai Masato and HKT? -He'll be a teacher. [Sakai Masato in role of teacher] He'll come in between shooting of "Legal High" drama. -He'll make the time for us. -He will? -Will you please ask Yamazaki-san? -What? Please tell him my proposal. As I said, I'll watch it when it's done. -It's hopeless... Doing a proper business is difficult. -Of course it is. [A sinking ship] -But we've learned a lot. -Yeah. -I understood how difficult it is. -This time we've chosen a challenge recklessly. -Sasshi, let's have dinner somewhere in Daikanyama. -You'll have a dinner? Yes, I know one place in Daikanyama. -I dine a lot in Daikanyama. -Me never. -Only sometimes when I am in this area. -I see. Thanks a lot, Abe-san! [Money talk isn't over! Many fights still lie ahead!] -Sashihara-san, we failed to interest him. -The aim is just too big. -By the way, my "Pervert Mask" costed $170 000. -That's very cheap! -Right? -Super cheap! But since it was released somewhat nationwide it was around $500-600 thousands. -I called one producer who is my big friend and she is in the office right now. -Good, let's go. -I think she'll help us. She is woman, by the way. -Ah, that's good. You probably know her. She's made a "Handsome Suit" movie... Ah, you don't? Why you spoke like I may know it? -A comic Tsukaji Muga starred in it. -Of course I know him. It is a comedy. Ah, you don't know it? It was relatively successful. I know absolutely nothing about movies. Seriously. Yamada Masako Asmik Ace Entertainment Producer of "Lovely Complex", "Handsome Suit", etc. Knows Fukuda Yuuichi since "High School Debut" -What do you want to eat today? -Grilled meat. -Grilled meat? -I can't tell the difference between meat. -You should. -I can tell if it's chicken meat, but pork or beef are difficult. -No way! They are tasty regardless where you eat. I'd feel bad for grilled meat if someone like you eat it. But it's not like I am puzzled about the taste, everything tastes awesome to me. -"Wow, so tasty! Was it pork or beef?" -Something like that. Since I look happy eating I think the cook is also happy. So everyone is happy. What the heck is that? I like even the cheap home grilled meat. [Asmik Ace, a production and distributor company of movies such as "Gravity’s Clown", "Ping Pong", etc.] [Ready... Fight!] -She's a big friend of mine. -Is that so? I often chat with her in the conference room we're heading to. -Hello! -Hello! I am Sashihara Rino. Nice to meet you! -Sit down there. -It's a pleasure to meet you. -The pleasure is mine. -It's Yamada-san. -Yamada-san! -Excuse me my smile. -On the contrary, I am happy, it makes the mood brighter. -You look a bit down. -Yeah. -Yes, we got rejected. Well, we got our lesson from Abe-san. By the way, this conference room is frequently used by me and Yamada-san to criticize various movies. What is the recent movie that you dissed? We'll bleep it out. -Recently much talked was (movie). -It was a disaster. -A disaster indeed. -Well, it happens with movies. [Movie is a big disaster if it flops] We've come up with this idea to make a nationwide movie to make HKT more popular... Sorry, but I have a question first. How much did it cost to produce this movie? -I thought it's better to start with money talk. -Frankly! [A frank money talk] -How much did it cost? -If we're talking about production only... A movie of this scale is expected to cost around $3.5 millions, but... -I've reduced it to... -Oh, an economist! $2.7 millions. -Where did it start from? -It all starts from screenplay. -A planning starts from script? -Manabu Makime's scripts are rather complicated, but as you know, I mainly produce teenage oriented movies based on manga. So Asmik Ace will start planning based only on script? If we can explain the outline of the movie, we can gradually gather supporters... -What supporters? -Those who'd be willing to invest in production. -So that's your job? -Yes. It's a producer's job... [Huge pressure] There's a lot of visual effects in this movie. Oh, I also want to make a movie with visual effects! -A school drama with visual effects. -She wants a school setting and visual effects. -Starring Sakai Masato. -But you're a director of "Pervert Mask". -She wants to get Sakai Masato. -Yeah, I'll try my best from now on. -And what is the story? -Nothing is decided yet. -Only that it's a school drama with visual effects, Sakai Masato and HKT. -And Sashihara Rino as producer. You need a scriptwriter that would write a script that would interest Sakai Masato. Sakai Masato will ask about script. For him contents are important. Well, I can write the script, if he's OK with author of "Pervert Mask". [Scriptwriter - Fukuda Yuichi?] I wish you'd write the script faster. You are always late! Since members aren't experienced in acting, if the script comes late, they'll say to me: -"Sasshi, I suddenly have to memorize so much text..." -She's a quite sharp producer. -Yes, members are all novices... -Since they are not used to acting, they'll be troubled by late script. "I just got the script, how can I remember so much text?" So I as producer would have to apologize, since it was me who chose the scriptwriter. That's not good. [Rejected] But there is this interesting aspect of it being produced by Sashihara Rino and that it's a HKT movie. How about getting money from Kyushu region? "Daiei" supermarkets. A very specific company name came out... "Western Japan Bank". They have CM contracts with HKT. "Western Japan Bank". "Umakacchan" instant noodles. -What else?.. -It's already quite good. -Yeah, they are local idols, -so this kind of investors are quite common. -We received a nice idea! In contrast to Abe-san's "Show me when it's done". -"You'll be able to make payments with $20 millions". -Well, yeah, if the cost is $10 millions... What is the minimum we have to gather? [What's the minimum?] It's really case-by-case. On the contrary, if you have a specific audience from who you can get $3 millions Box Office, then it means that a movie should cost less than $1 million. -Oh, isn't that possible? It's possible to make budget calculations based on estimated Box Office. P&A expenses are usually equal to production expenses. If the movie is low budget, you can minimize the advertising expanses by advertising it to only your specific audience. That way you reduce advertising expanses. But if production cost starts from $2-2.5 millions and it is released in 200-300 theaters nationwide the budget usually doubles. [A great anxiety] How much did your "Mirror of Muse" cost? -Beats me. -Crap, who knows? -Who could know that? Did it cost $1 million? -No! It was cheaper! Then we can do it! I'm OK with something like that. In that case we can get by $170 000 budget of "Pervert Mask". -Is it nationwide release? -Ah, right, it must be nationwide. If there was a late night drama beforehand the title would be already known to public, -so it could reduce promotion expanses. -"Yoshihiko"... He's trying to make a "Hero Yoshihiko" movie like that, I know. -You two are hilarious... -Within a year... He's trying to make a "Hero Yoshihiko" movie within a year. -I am not. -Yes, you are! [End of lesson] If we find a director, persuade Sakai Masato and gather Production Committee we'll come back to Yamada-san for further planning. Right. We'll look for director. -I'll support you. -Thank you very much! -Awesome! There may be hope. -I'll do my best. -Thank you. -You run around with a bomb. -Who will be the next victim?.. -That's true. It'll become famous in industry. "Oh, no! Sashihara came!" "She'll involve me in some risky talk!" Sasshi, big news! It's supposed to be an end of today's shooting, but Abe-san, we've met not a long ago, contacted director Yamazaki Takashi. -He's so kind... -That's true. -Even though he was so reluctant... -Like "no way!" He really likes carrot and the stick approach... So Yamazaki-san agreed to meet us now. What if we'll talk to him and he agrees to be a director? Is he somewhere near? No, he's quite far away. -Long trip awaits us. -Ah... -He is a director of "The Eternal Zero". -Right. Let's do our best! -Nice development. -Yes, now we have hope. Yamazaki Takashi Filmed "Always: Sunset on Third Street", etc. Won Best Director and Best Screenplay prizes at the Japanese Academy Awards. Specializes in visual effects. So persuasion of Yamazaki-san depends on the skill of producer Sashihara. I see. I'll do my best. What will you say to him? I will beg him. That's the only thing I can do. I have neither knowledge, nor power. Only motivation. I'll be like part-timer on interview for a job in convenience store. -I might lie a say that I've watched "Always". -You'll lie? -I think it might help. -There are 3 movies. -I'll say that I haven't watched 3rd yet, so it would sound more real. I might say, that I haven't watched 3rd yet, only the first two. [Ready... Fight!] -Sasshi... -Wow! "Seven Samurai". -Oh, you know it? -It was a super wild guess! Glad I hit the mark. -You did! -I've heard that it's a studio where Akira Kurosawa worked. -I see... -It's Toho! -So this is where mysterious Yamazaki-san is? -Hello! -Excuse me! Is Yamazaki-san here? Director! -Come here. -Director! -She's like an old buddy. -Sorry to disturb you, director! -Already grew accustomed... -My name is Sashihara. -Nice to meet you, director! -Hello. -She acts like we know each other... -Sorry... -Like we've already worked together. -I've imitated tension like we met a couple of times already. -Thanks a lot for having us. Sorry to disturb you. [Sneezing and yawning during recording. Feeling no stress at all]

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