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De la nécessité des attitudes nobles - 5'

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As soon as you decide to be on the path you have to really embody someone who is on the path and what we refer to as self-remembering, which is sometimes difficult for some, can also be remembering noble qualities, and also simply remembering that we have made that choice. We have decided to be a man or a woman on the Path, and you can simply remember that. That too will help your self-remembering and it also helps you be at a higher level of yourself. You decide to behave nobly whatever the situation may be, that is, whichever justifications you may have; they absolutely do not matter! You know that justifying is always lying. Even when a justification is just, even when it is true, it is a lie since it is always meant to justify something negative wiithin. Just as saying: "I'm right". What it always means is that someone else is wrong. It is always meant to belittle something or somebody else. Human beings, before they truly are in touch with the spirit, always live in different worlds. Each one of them lives in a world which is very different from the world of other people. And the only thing that can be done, is accepting that different world the other person lives in. You do not have to give in to that world. You can decide to live what you have decide to live for yourself, but you do not depreciate, you do not belittle, you do not oppose the other person's world. Those really are decisions to be made, and then, you have to remember them constantly. Remembering is where the difficulty lies, for those who have made that choice. Some people have not chosen to always behave at a higher level, but for those who have, remembering is the hard part: remembering yourself or remembering the noble attitude. Remembering noble attitudes is one way to prepare yourself to be much more present and to really remember yourself, since noble attitudes, as you practise them, simply resonate to the Spirit, and reflect it. So being in representation of a noble attitude is being in representation of the Spirit already. And there is no doubt: it is the shortest path to becoming your own true self and to be able to come in contact with your own spirit and with the Spirit. But it requires a certain calmness, that is true. When you are restless, when you speak too much, when you move too much, it is very difficult; you lose yourself immediately. Whereas when you try to be just a little bit calmer thant what you usually are, because temperaments are quite different, but as soon as you manage to reduce your restlessness, be it in words, in movements, and sometimes in the general level of action, when you manage to settle down a bit, it is much easier to behave nobly and to resonate to the spirit, and then, it is much easier to remember yourself. And for many people, who do not practise meditation or self-remembering intensively, for sure, this is the royal path: slowing down a bit, being silent more frequently, like here, being silent in the morning, noone speaks here in the morning, Complying with these rules is the royal path. But always remember why you are doing it. If you have not set your intention well enough, or if you do not have any intention - since some people remain silent some people are never conflictual, but they do not know why. They don't know that it is meant to help them contact their own spirit, to contact my spirit, to contact the Spirit of all worlds. They forget that it is the goal, and that this goal is what will lead them to relate to eveything and everyone at a very high level, and it will also enable them to their self-realization, to their liberation, to realize who they really are and to free themselves from all their customary difficulties, from everything that usually is a problem for them. As soon as you remember that that behaving that way is the best way to realize everything you aspire to, you set a clear intention.

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