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Weekly Forecast Yael- 08.09.2014

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So we are very very close to Rosh Hashanah. We are really really now last last green miles toward building a new vessel for the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the cosmic New Year, and we are about to start a very very important week. It's very interesting that when we look at the chart of this week, we find that it's a little bit like the calm before the hurricane. All the elements are very balanced. We have at the beginning of the week the moon is in Aquarius. We have strong Libra in the chart. Everything is very even. So it's been such a change, when we look at the chart of this week and the chart of the previous weeks, we go like: "Ok, what on Earth is going on?" And it reminds me a little bit, you know, we lived many many years in Miami, it reminds me a little bit of the peace before the hurricane. Before there is a hurricane, which, thank God, we didn't have many of those while being in Miami, but it seems like nature stops, all the animals stop, you know, talking, barking. Everything becomes all silent. So we are a little bit like at that moment, at that moment suspended in time, where it's the exact time to examine things. It's the exact time to stop, to stay still and look at the past year. This is the exact moment, where we need to put ourselves on pause and go like: "Ok, let me rewind, very bravely rewind and take a look at these things that happened last year. What do I like? What didn't I like in the decision that I have made? What have I achieved last year? But you take a look at it in a very non-emotional and dramatic way, but rather in a very calm, very matter of fact way, and very very calmly go like: "Ok, this is what I have achieved. What else do I need to do? I want to, you know, push myself and be a lot stronger than I am". Now, one of the amazing two lessons that we have this week, there are two of them that are amazing. The first one is the fact that things don't happen to us, but they happen for us, which means that the entire cosmos is conspiring to help us grow, it's conspiring to help us understand and be open and go through processes in our life, so we can really expand. And that's not something that we understand, we usually go like: "Yea, this happened to me, that happened to me", and get all reactive and dramatic about it. It's the moment to go calmly. Don't run to the Bahama's! Just stay and go like: "It happened for me. In what way did it help me? What did I understand from it? Now that I'm looking at it from outside, what was the big lesson behind it and what was the order?" So the name of the game, the mantra for this week is the idea of order. And the second very very important idea is the fact that there are no mistakes. What does it mean 'there is a mistake'? What's a mistake anyway? In the Kabbalistic vocabulary we don't have mistakes. We have things that we learn, we have lessons, we have openings, we have sometimes obstacles in our ways in order to get stronger. And Karen, our teacher, constantly repeated over and over again: "It's not a mistake! It's to refine the diamond inside of us which is our soul". So those two lessons are the lessons we have to examine. I'm really really recommending that every one of us will make time this week to stop, to be still for a moment, for an hour a day, for two hours a day, and reexamine the year, and that's one of the ways that we're gonna come all ready and strong for the brand new cosmic New Year, which by the way is not getting that simpler, but, at least, for sure, we are getting stronger. So I'm wishing everyone to be very focused this week, and we'll talk to you in a brand new year. Next time we'll talk, it's going to be a brand new day. So, have a great week everyone!

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