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Mike GReyInterview062718

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Hi my name is Mike Grey, I'm the hospitality vertical manager for NEC America I'm one of three of the global hospitality team that NEC presents to provide hoteliers and hotel chains with the best in technology and applications. Today's guests fall on many categories. Millennials like smaller rooms, public spaces, good wi-fi Where families like food choices, breakfast, and pools. Business travelers need reliability as far as what can they expect when they arrive on site, what they expect in their room, and always have a strong business amenities like wifi, desks, good lighting. NEC has a very strong global presence in hospitality and because of that we have been able to provide our hotelier customers with a variety of applications and products that do several things. One is, save them money Two is, improve the efficiency of their staff And to provide an enhanced guest experience. If I can make you money, if I can save you money and improve the guest experience. y applications and my products whether it be pbx's and unified communications, or even something simple as high reliability servers, NEC has an application that helps hotels do their job better and more efficiently. I am really proud to work for NEC, our commitment to hospitality is unsurpassed by anyone and we work very very hard whether it be in the US, Europe or Asia Pacific to meet the needs of our hotel customers, and that translates into a win win for not only he hotelier but also for NEC to develop further applications that repeat this cycle all over again of working with hoteliers to improve their business cycles Well thanks for listening For more information got to

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Posted by: yesgoproductions on Jun 27, 2018

Mike GReyInterview062718

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