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-Ooh, is this thing on? Is it on? Hello, can you see me? Girl, I look good in this camera. I should be shooting my own personal porn videos with this camera, girl. Actually, no, because then you'd see everything. And I mean everything. So I had heard Shane was doing these Viewer Orgy Parties. I mean, that a brag, but I have been to plenty of orgies in my day. Of course, most of them are in Tokyo with groups of 12, and you know, I like to get a shot in my thighs that makes me numb from the waste-down. Kind of makes me feel like a cripple. But not in a bad way, in a good way. Like a "Ooh, fuck me all night long, I can't feel it" way. Isn't that how cripples feel? I hope so. Ooh, let's see what's in his room. Ooh, a remote. I wonder what it turns on. [woman moaning] Is that girls? I am surprised. -Shanaynay? -Oh, uh, hey Shane, what's up? I was just smellin' yo pillows. [sniffs] Yep, smells used. -Get out. -Fine. But when you decide to have a real orgy with a bitch that knows what the fuck she's doing, why don't you give me a call? See you guys later. Y'all know where to find me, right? You just go to YouTube dot com slash-- -Go! -Fine! -[sighs] Sorry guys. That's what I get for leaving my door unlocked. Wait a minute. I didn't leave my door unlocked. -Hey Shane, what do you want me to do with this? I kind of broke it off. I guess my dick hand is stronger than I thought. -Grab all your condoms Take off all your clothes Shave your private parts Orgy Time's about to start Spread your legs Open wide Get some lube and shake your thighs Here comes Shane Dawson The guy who knows how to Blow your mind [explosion] -Hey, what's up you guys? Welcome back to Viewer Orgy Time! So this week on Facebook I asked you guys, if you could have any superpower, what would it be? Most of you guys said the power of invisibility. But there was one superpower that really caught my attention. The power to play the iJustine game whenever you want. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the game, let me give you an update. Basically, you take one of iJustine's music videos, which are so clean and happy and Disney Channel. You put that bitch on mute and you play the dirtiest rap song you can think of. And this week, I found one that made my life complete. Get ready for your life to be changed. -I am not a whore I am not a whore But I like to do it They say I look yummy and they want a taste But I'm a human, not a sandwich -She's gonna be so mad. But seriously, nothing makes me happier than playing this game, so if you guys want to play this game, leave some video responses. Maybe it could be like a segment on Viewer Orgy Party. The weekly iJustine game. I'm sure she's gonna love that. Right, Justine? Exactly. All right, on Twitter, I asked you guys, "If Justin Bieber was a porn star, what would his porn star name be?" Here are some of my personal favorites. Just In Beaver, Justin Queefer, Justin My Mouth, and Thrustin Beaver. And then there was even some ideas for porn movie titles. And I can't decide which one if my favorite. I'd tap that one time or One less lonely asshole What do you think, Justin? Which one do you like? -I like them both. -You know what, Justin? How about we make both? What do you think? -Yeah. -Perfect, J.B. I'll be over soon. So last Viewer Orgy Party people said, "Shane, why aren't you using MySpace comments?" Well, I kind of figured MySpace was dead, considering the only person who uses it is my mom. -Yeah, you know, sometimes I'll get on MySpace. -Uh-huh. [laughter] -Facebook, Mom. That was actually a clip from an interview I did with my family on stirfryTV. It's pretty hilarious. The best part is my dog looks extremely bored the whole time. There's a link in my crotch if you guys want to see it after this. So, back to MySpace. Here's a beautiful picture I found on one of my very old MySpace comments. "Hmm, there's something different about me. I can't figure it out. Oh, I know. It's my hair. What was I thinking with that hair, right?" Speaking of MySpace pictures, last week people said, "Shane, you're so racist. You're making Asian jokes." Well, I just want to show you that I'm not racist. The Asians love me. Just look at the Asians I hung out with in high school. This was just a friendly beating during math class. It was all in good fun... until they threatened to shoot me with their Asian homemade guns. [gunshot, scream] Oh, Asians. So on DailyBooth, I asked you guys to show me your best orgasm faces. Just take a look at all the sexiness. Oh, yeah. Ooh, baby. Ooh! Okay, hold it. Is it just me or does this one look like Reba. Let's do a little side-by-side. Wow, told you. All right, last but not least, this is the sexy people wearing my Hot Topic shirt time. Sexy bitches wearing my shirts Oh, yeah I really need a better song than that. All right, you guys. Now it's time for the challenge of the day. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time and I want you guys to leave a caption for it. [shriek] Yes, Britney Spears and her birthday cake and maybe a little bit a meth. I cannot wait to see what your captions are, because the Justin Bieber ones were pretty fucked up. Told you. All right you guys, I'm gonna go take a shower. You want to join me, Biebs? -Yeah. -You can tap it one time I'm going to hell. -Clean off your lipstick Wash your thighs The orgy's over It's time to subscribe That's right It's time to subscribe Captioned by SpongeSebastian -Hey, what up you guys? Quick little note at the end of this video. Yes, I have lipstick on, don't ask. Umm, next week is Shane and Friends. I was working on it for 24 hours today and I'm not done yet and I didn't want to put up a piece of shit, so I made you guys a Viewer Orgy Party, so hopefully you like it. So yeah, next week is Shane and Friends. Also, I did a video with Take 180 where I play Lindsay Lohan, so check that shit out. It's hot. And that's about it. I love you guys, talk you to later. Bye.

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Sep 26, 2010

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