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Reading the CyRide Schedule

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It may look intimidating, but it's not Rocket Science. You can find a schedule on the bus, in shelters or at Our printed schedules have two sides. One has most of the timetables and the other has a city-wide and an ISU map. Looking at the map overview, you'll see colored lines indicating our routes through town. If you look a little closer, you'll see dots that represent bus stops and yellow diamonds with red T's that indicate transfer points. Transfers to other routes are covered in the "Connecting to Other Routes" video. When you looked at the bus stops on the map, did you notice that some were circles and some were squares? The squares are called timepoints. Timepoints correspond to a column on our timetables. Buses don't leave timepoints before the times listed in the schedule. But what if your bus stop isn't listed on the timetable? Well, just use the timepoint that the bus passes before your bus stop. Routes are colored and number coded. The top of the timetable tells us the direction of travel... and whether the timetable applies to Weekday, Saturday or Sunday trips. If we look at columns, we can tell what time a bus would be at a certain bus stop. Reading rows from left to right will tell us the times a bus should arrive at each stop. Now lets follow a bus through town and get the hang of using the timetables. We'll start at Riverbirch the first column on the Blue Route Northbound timetable. As we follow the route northbound, we'll come to the second timepoint Lincoln Way and Beach. The third timepoint.... Student Services The forth timepoint... Bessey Hall. #100 University Village #40 Schilletter ....and our endpoint, the North Grand Mall. Remember, we're here to help. If you have a question ask your driver or call 292-1100. Give us a try. If one person can cut their carbon output by nearly 4,000 pounds this year riding CyRide... just imagine what a whole community can do.

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Posted by: atwoods00r on Jan 14, 2011

This video illustrates how to read and interpret CyRide's schedule or timetables for riding CyRide buses in Ames, Iowa near Iowa State University.

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