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Ibtisam Mahameed - Unity in Practical Terms

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We can say that there's a mutual link, but too often there's no link between us, Palestinians and Israelis. Rather, each side has its own way. Here, we teach Israelis and Palestinians our principles, then exert efforts to gradually bring them close to each other. You can't start with teaching Palestinians the language of peace, while the Israeli army kills many people in Gaza daily. You can't direct the Israelis to peace, while people are killed in buses without any guilt. First, you should get rid of the language of war. Then, start a dialogue with each of the two parties. Only after that, can you gather them. We can't say there's a link between us while we fight each other, while we hate each other, and while we kill each other. The idea of unification can't mean to unify religions, but we can work on the basis of religious foundations and respect the dignity of other religions. But you can't say that we want to unify religions. There is a secret in that our God created Moses to entrust him with the Torah, creatd Mohammad to entrust him with the Holy Quran, and Jesus to entrust him with the New Testament. With this, there's a mutual understanding among religions and among peoples. The word "unification" is a bit difficult, since you can't say that we would unify religions. But we can unify peoples. This can be accomplished through education, through mutual respect. But we should understand that we have to respect each other's religions. I call this the "language of people respecting each other through religions."

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Posted by: global on Feb 2, 2009

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