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Alessandro A. E. Anzani on Network Society Ventures' Investment Strategy

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NSV's investment strategy is perfect to reap the benefits of current times. We noticed 3 things: Venture Capital funds are growing bigger and bigger,

and they are all competing on the same growth stage equity deals, with high valuation. Second: on the contrary, startups are becoming leaner and leaner. It's cheaper to launch them and to scale them. And third: large corporations are trying to keep up with the fast technology pace, incorporating startups, acquiring the human capital, and of course technologies, with many merger and acquisitions. So NSV invests quantitatively in a high number, achieving very high diversification, of early-stage (the most profitable) startups, that are aiming to a fast liquidity event that is usually achieved by merger and acquisition. This is the most realistic exit path, and that's aiming at a 10 to 30 times mulitples, where valuation and the competition are lower. Qualitatively, NSV invests in global startups that are developing products, that are both exponential and focusing on decentralized network microsector. These are for example Internet of Things, sharing economy, Blockchain, decentralized 3D printing, decentralized cloud services, peer to peer, and open source hardware. NSV represents a terrific opportunity for investors. This is because it invests in a higher number of startups at a very early most-profitable stage, it invests at a lower evaluation and it divests, more certainly, because it focuses on mergers and acquisitions, and in a fast pace. This allows for very high diversification, while it keeps it volatility very low.

On top of this, the NSV team is the leader in Exponential Technology and Decentralized Networks. It's been studying them since the very inception,

and we expect them to rule the technology for the times to come.

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Alessandro A. E. Anzani on Network Society Ventures' Investment Strategy (1080p_25fps_H264-128kbit_AAC)

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