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Khawatir S7E2 - The People Want A Clinic

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The People Want a Clinic Is it important for there to be a nurse or a doctor in schools? There should be because injuries are common in schools and someone could get hurt We had a student who had pins get stuck in his leg, another who had a piece of metal fall on his head So what did they do for him? They took him immediately to the hospital And what do you want? A clinic at school. A doctor preferably two. At the very least a nurse. Al-Noor Complex School Is there a clinic at this school? There is but it doesn't have any medicines or equipment So when someone gets injured here they take him to an outside hospital? Yes. So what do you guys think about building a clinic at the school? We'll bring a doctor? Exactly! And what's your name? Abdelaziz. You're planning along with us Abdelaziz. A clinic without a doctor won't be much use. So Noor Complex had neither a clinic nor a nurse, so we studied the problem. Good morning. Of course Dr. Waleed Fitehy needs no introduction. We collaborated with Dr. Waleed and the National Medical Center to set up a fully equipped clinic in Al-Noor Complex So we considered the problem and found a small building being used as a storage den sitting at the entrance of the school. We found that this room is the ideal location for several reasons one because of its proximity to the playground where most accidents happen second because of the natural lighting available here third because of the ability to visualize the students as they play and supervise them So this really is the most suitable location We decided that this building is the best location as the clinic should be at the site of action So we chose this building. One of the unexpected things that happened was that Abdelilah, a boy scout at the school as we were planning and discussing came up with an idea... I think that if this is to be a first-aid clinic we should break down a door here A separate entrance? so that if anyone gets injured, they can be brought in very quickly! Beautiful idea. Dr. Waleed told him we'd study it and if it made sense we'd implement it. And in fact they considered it and decided that a door there was strategic So we... So Abdel-Ilah's suggestion was taken into account god bless him and that's proof that even elementary school children, given a chance to participate can have great ideas that can be applied Amongst the innovations and solutions (the "Shozoomlar") in this season associated with heath care was one we found in Abu Dhabi There they came up with the concept of medical clinics that... The Mobile Clinic Whoa, whoa, this is a caravan! This is a fully functional medical clinic. the student needn't go anywhere the clinic comes to her. We started this year. How long is the clinic's visit to the school? Usually 3 to 4 days depending on the number of students. So 3 or 4 days, covers all students, then moves to the next school? Does it pass by all schools? Yes every school in the emirate of Abu Dhabi So every school in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is provided this service, for free! Alright lets go take a look. Whoa, whoa, so this is the reception? This is the reception, all paperwork is done inside the school The essentials such as weight, temperature

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Ahmad Al Shugairi visits schools in the UAE, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia stressing the importance of school health clinics.

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