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Alien Being, AA: Opportunities to Make a Difference, this time - he's Female

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Regret - AA This is AA, and I'm here to share my experience, within regret and I found, an interesting point a point that, has been 'prominent', throughout my existence and that is accepting, and allowing myself to to fear, dieing! (smile) to fear, 'not existing' and, because of that fear I did 'not' accept, and allow myself to to 'speak', to 'act' to 'stand up' and do everything, and anything possible and Risk! everything, of myself, everything and all, that I perceived to be important, or valuable and 'speak out', and express, and act and do anything, and everything 'possible' to stop! direct! sort out What I, in common sense, 'saw' was unacceptable and, I saw through out my existence, as I went through everything that I had experienced that I had, so many opportunities! to make a difference, meaning to to 'stop' something or someone, from what they were, 'existing as' and continue- and continuing that I 'Knew' was compromising! themselves compromising other beings but I didn't, because of fear because of fear of losing, my own self definition - according to something, or someone and, as I went through my entire existence, with my experience within it, I could see How, me Not standing up, how me, Not Speaking how me Not Acting played, a very significant role, within where and how we are, 'at this very moment' and that point right there, was also part of 'why' I 'Wanted to end everything' wanted to, 'stopped' everything wanted to 'just get out of here' because I, couldn't live with myself I couldn't "bear" existing, within what I knew, I did, 'and I did nothing about it' I just continue doing the 'exact same thing', for eons of time and I 'was aware' in those moments, 'I knew I was aware' but yet I so easily and so simply, 'just shut the door', in that moment and accepted and allowed 'ignorance' But I realized! that, I'm Here there is no way to, 'destroy' (smile) this existence, I've ~ tried (laugh) I've done and attempted, 'any and all methods possible' while within my experience of regret and shame, and sorrow and sadness but what I also found fascinating is that we have a tendency of wanting to give up 'so quickly', so fast, that We don't consider, that maybe possibly facing, this that I'm experiencing inside myself 'is the key' that would, liberate me from, 'my past' because in essence regret, can only exist in judgments, of the past, in judgment of yourself of the past and judgment, is when you 'observe you' within your past, from a point of 'opinion' instead of 'insight', realization, and common sense in self-honesty what I realized I have done is, constantly and continuously, existed in regret and and- and shame, and sorrow and judgment! and sadness because of my past because of, 'what I have accepted and allowed' and, I've asked myself the question: But why!? Why? have I always, 'carry my past', as a burden on my back through out 'eons of time' and I realized that I have started 'defining myself' according to my experience that, I believe that, what I am experiencing inside me 'is me'! and that's as far as it goes! that point of, 'me actually being able to Forgive myself' me! actually being able to 'change myself', didn't exist! and in that! I realize that because that point didn't exist, that point of, realization of: You know what! I can forgive myself and in that self-forgiveness, let it go, actually stand up and change me that because that point didn't exist, I didn't exist 'Here' that I have, never, actually 'allow myself', to experience me 'Here', to 'live Here' I have, 'grounded myself', in, what I have done 'in the past' 'there' and in that, never realized - 'Here' from my own experience give yourself the opportunity, to forgive yourself, and let go of the past and real-lize you 'Here' no matter 'how bad', your past may seem self-forgiveness, you are, able to do forgive yourself, unconditionally, let your past go inside yourself transform and change you 'Here', in 'practical' self-action, in self-honesty and 'realize' the gift, of regret Thank you. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Oct 16, 2009


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