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RT Deutsch - A new state was born - Liberland

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What about the idea of rising a new state in the center of Europe?

Some sort of a micro-nation which already exists around the world but with all rights, a sovereign has? This project is called Liberland and Vít Jedlička is the president of it. Here, in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg and i'm going to visit a spezial start-up company.

Liberland is the name of this company an it's about the rising of a new sovereign state. This state has been formed on a 7 km² territory between Croatia and Serbia on the 13.4.2015 Nighter Croatia nor Serbia elevate any territorial claims on this piece of land because of conflict. According to the founder and president, Vít Jedlička, it's consonant to the international right to establish a state. It's not easy to reach the president of Liberland. There's no sign on the door jet.. The slogan of Liberland is: To live and let live which is reflected in the anarcho-capitalism. A rudimentary state-structure, a free tax-system and no unnecessary bureaucracy, a project, that attracted over 400'000 applicant for a citizenship of Liberland. It's an extraordinary project!

There are a very few attempts who try to build a new state from scratch. IMO, there are enough resources or space on this planet. The distribution is just unfair. The question arises if this project is legal and its international approval because Vít Jedlička has been arrested two times by Croatian officials on Liberland territory. According to international law, it's absolut legal what we're doing. We're rising a constitutional republic with elements of a democracy. We combine the best from the American system and the Swiss direct democracy. I think we'll have the best constitution of the world and it's a crowd-sourcing project as well. I was part of the 'D-Day' when the official occupation took place. This sense of freedom was something really special to me. It's important for me that I can help to spread the great idea of freedom here in Germany. There's on house, it'll be the place of residence in future. As soon as it's repaired, it'll be fine. We'd like to establish a nice city. That's why we work together with Zaha Hadid. Over 80 architect's joined the competition and we'll have some gorgeous visualizations, how Liberland maybe will look like in a few years. There's a big difference between micro-nations and Liberland: We have a real territory of 7 km² and no other state than Liberland upraises a claim on this territory and it's a high-profile case. 400'000 applied for a citizenship and I think, around 85'000 are sirius. Of course it'll be hard because we've got only 7 km². We're tree times bigger than Monaco but I think, we can admit 80'000 peoples who can do their business. We think that we can exceed most of other country's while we can provide the best service for the lowest price. I'm talking about the government service prices. It's like copying the government vom Lichtenstein, Monaco or Hongkong, but to do it even better. One thing that Liberland won't do: it'll be a neutral Country. It'll stay away from foreign affairs and won't join a war. I'd love if Liberland will be a neutral place where Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. could discuss their problems. The recognition is a long process. The international community can't acknowledge a new nation over the holiday season. I'm looking forward for an acknowledgment from some respected country's. The strength of the Liberland project is, that peoples realizes, that country's and nations are only concepts. If enough people believe in Liberland, then Liberland exists. The number of peoples who believe that on this territory Liberland exists, is increasing. That's why one day, Liberland will exist.

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Liberland - Ein neuer Staat wird Gaborone

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