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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 9/15

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That's a sign. Do you guys need a break? (Everyone: "No") No? See, we are having unanimity Kerry, What should we do? The troops dont know what to do. Kerry: we actually, we need to do sort a short meditation to clear the room. David: Ok Kerry: right, I mean, time and space... I dont think... David: I will do a short meditation and mentally clear the room, thats why we got the cell phone ringing and distracting me. That will just take a couple of minutes. Take a nice deep breath now. If you need to use the restroom please go, cause this is gonna be enough time that you can actually have a break if you need one, I wont be offended, I promise. Some of you are hardcore and you are just gonna sit through this, thats cool. Either way is fine, I wont judge you. We will just laugh about you once you are out of the room. I will make jokes about you... And lets go into the infinite peace of this moment. You may wanna close you eyes, you may want to spend a little time relaxing. And just give yourself over to the love and presence of the cosmos. Let yourself feel the articulations of intelligent infinity. which speak to you in the moments between moments. Give yourself an oportunity to relax into the full awareness of who you are. Take confort in the beauty of you. Take pleasure in the divine enrgy that makes you who you are, as you tune deeper and deeper into yourself, you become a pyramid, you become a standing stone, you become a lens of light, for cosmic energy to flow through. It doesnt require you to spend any money, doesnt require you to have any advanced degree or university education. It doesnt require you to drink anything, eat anything, take any pill, smoke anything. All it requires is peace, all it requires is tranquility. All it requires is the knowingness that you are more than your physical body, that you are a divine light, a glorious gift form the cosmos. That any and all negativity that has hung around you can be cleansed away much like a traditional housewife would sweep out the house with a broom. With all the doors open the dust comes flying out. The floors become clean, it becomes easier and easier to walk around undisturbed, to apreciate the bounty of your own space, the bounty of your own separate identity. For when you learn to love yourself you can have those boundaries, you can sweep out the dust in your own life as we are now doing on the planet. The very air that passes through your lungs is the living conduit of universal light that carries you like a magic carpet to lands unseen that float in the sky, lands that are beyond physicality. You have every opportunty to reach out and find those lands. You have the glory of being yourself in this moment. You have an oportunity to expand your awareness, so that that mind that thinks through the hardware of the brain is not just the mind of your personal ego, but the universa mind that is just more that your own personal self, it is the Self with a capital S. Lets experience that Self. Because as you do the energy flows through you and it is an energy that creates an impenetrable shield that no negativity can penetrate. It is a living vessel of light. The chalice of the holy grail that allows you to be perfectly sovereign in mind and in body and in spirit. By living through that consciousnees you live in the presence of your everlasting awareness your eternal identity, which is never going to be terminated gy the laws of the body. There is much more than that. Your mind is information and the information has identity and the identity is the universe. So now I will start to bring you back into the conscious mind. Most of our friends have gone to the bathroom now, so we are all back in the room. I would like you to see again this grid. open your eyes and lets meditate on that grid for a minute. You are seeing the underlying geometric framework of the mind of the earth. and this is how it has been built and this is what structures the continents the way they are. Look at how the coast of Rio de Janeiro here is pushed in by this node. Look at how the shape of South America is defined by the lines that surround it. There is many, may examples of this. this is the stretching pattern that the earth makes as it expands. You can see island chains that are part of circles. Heres another island chain, its part of a larger circle, just connect those nodes together. Look at those two points in the middle it looks like cell mitosis. Thats not an accident. (We just had an UFO sighting, just after or around the time when the cell phone rang) Oh really, thats interesting. I was just informed that there was a UFO sighting right outside the building at the time that the cell phone went off. Believe it or not, but thats pretty cool. Well, thank you guys for showing up. Actually there is a whole bunch of them on the ceiling. Cool. Alright. Hopefully you are a little bit less hypnotized now. We will get back into enough of the thinking mind that you can follow me. We have prove the ancient sites harnessed usable energy. The Russian Pyramid Research holds the key. The Russians, after the fall of the iron curtain, had all their military industrial complex, all of their infrastructure, and they had the laboratories available to be able to build pyramids and study what they would do, and thats what they did. Here are actual photographs of the Russian pyramids, check this out. These are enormous, those little dots down there, those are people. OK. So look at that. Look at the size of that thing. Here is somebody posing in front of it. Here is what it looks like on the inside. Its made of PVC plastic pipes with a fiber glass facing. Sometimes they are built near oil fields as you can see here. Sometimes built out on the countryside, thats a smaller one, here he is posing in front of it. And some very, very strange things happened when they did this. They built one over an oil well; it would become 25 per cent more productive, and the oil that came out was 25 percent purer. It would make poisonous chemicals no longer poisonous to the body, they would become safe enough that you could dump it on your skin or drink it and you are fine. I do not recomend that you try this. OK? But thats what they say they found. Diseases would be cured, even cancer. Its an energetic phenomenon. They had white underbred mice, and they injected them with a toxine that would normally destroy them, If 60 percent of the mice died from the toxine in a laboratory and you put those same mice under a pyramid, guess how many of them died. Only 6 per cent. So, 94 per cent of all the mice injected with a lethal toxine were put in the pyramids that they build here, that you just saw, didnt die. Up to 400 per cent increase in the productivity of agricultural seeds Throw these seeds into the pyramid, guess what happens. You got the same plants but now they are 400 per cent larger and they got better fruit, everything is better about them. So you can go superseeds. Strong electrical activity, you can put a little voltage pile, a little battery on top of the pyramid and it generates current, its facinating. Significant earthquake reduction. This is where you start seeing how the earth energy fields are related to severe wheater and severe earth changes. If you build these pyramids then guess what happens with earthquaques you dont get a big giant quake anymore, you get a bunch of little ones that dont cause...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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