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戦国&幕末ミステリー京都観光満足ガイド協会Kyoto Tourist guide taxi Association

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The biggest mystery of the Warring States Era, Honno-ji Incident. The remains of Nobunaga that disapeared. We are about to investigate into the truth! Nobunaga Oda died here at this land about 420 years ago. Is there any hint for his remains at his grave? We first came to Honno-ji temple in Chukyo ward, Kyoto city. This is the temple that last saw Nobunaga. >> Hello! >> Hello! Along with Mr. Kawakami, who is knowledgeable with the local history, we are off to Nobunaga's grave. >> This is the main hall of Honno-ji Temple. >> Whoa! It is so big! >> Yes, it is. There it is, the grave of Nobunaga on the north side of the main hall! >> Right underneath this stone monument, is the grave of Lord Nobunaga. >> Spectacular! Such a big grave! Are Nobunaga's remains in this grave? >> This is the grave, but his ashes... His ashes are not here. Instead, his sword is housed here. >> His sword is housed? >> Yes. >> So, there are no remains here. >> Right, they are not here. >> Oh, is that right... >> That's right. No remains exist at Honno-ji temple.

>> We've come to Daitoku-ji temple in Kita ward, Kyoto city. It is known to have been built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in order to mourn for Nobunaga. Are there any clues to the remains of Nobunaga at this temple? >> That in front of us is the grave for the Oda clan. >> Yes. >> There are seven, five-story pagodas. And this is the grave for Lord Nobunaga. >> It is exceptionally big. >> Yes, it is. It is said that, after Nobunaga's death, the funeral that was arranged by Hideyoshi was a huge event that attracted 3,000 attendees. >> Is Lord Nobunaga resting here? >> He was cremated and is housed here. Just for this time, what is house in the main hall - - Is it here? >> No, he is not resting here. Lord Hideyoshi created 2 wooden statues of Lord Nobunaga. One of them was burned and is housed here. It is said that Nobunaga's body was not found at the time of funeral, so Hideyoshi put a wooden statue into a casket and burned it. We had a special opportunity to see the other wooden statue that is housed in the main hall. >> Oh. >> Here is the other statue of Lord Nobunaga. >> It is quite big. A sitting figure of Nobunaga made of agalloch. Same thing as this was burned in place of his remains that could not be located.

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戦国&幕末ミステリー京都観光満足ガイド協会Kyoto Tourist guide taxi Association

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