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WOBI - World Of Business Ideas

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In a constantly changing world, a world where talent is the foundation of business's success and where leaders are key to driving growth, knowledge is what will give your company the edge. Introducing WOBI, a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and action. At WOBI, we believe that an idea can change the world. One of the things that WOBI does Simon Sinek, Expert on Organizational Performance is it brings some of the best business minds in one place at one time. Always looking for the best management content, curating it, and making it accessible to business leaders who transform their companies. Daniel Lamarre, President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil Because if I were in an event like this for two days, if I go out back in my office with one great idea, it's worth my investment of time and money. You'll learn what's happening all around the world Randi Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media from diverse speakers from all walks of life and industries. You'll also hear what's next. Facilitating, inspiring, actionable ideas through multiple platforms. And I think where WOBI is particularly good at Gary Hamel, Leading Expert in Modern Management is bringing together the best, most influential ideas, curating those, making them easy to access. Equipping people to become better leaders, and to face the disruption of today's world. We believe Power of People in the power of people. We believe Power of Ideas in the power of ideas. We believe Power of Inspiration in the power of inspiration. I've had a 30-year relationship with WOBI and its predecessor. Tom Peters, One of the most influential management thinkers of all time And so you guys are part of my life. WOBI.

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WOBI - World Of Business Ideas

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