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Progreso y miseria en el siglo XXI.2

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Alianza Futurista presents Progress and Misery in the 21st Century Question 2 Roma Gonzalesáinz: This question may seem obvious, but what do you mean when you speak about "land"? Fernando Scornik Gerstein: Yes... Land is everything which is external to man, it is the whole of Nature which is external to man. It is the passive factor of production. Work is an active factor of production. Capital is also an active factor of production. Land is a passive factor. But the term "land" in political economy means "all of Nature". That is, mines, waters, rivers, all the subsoil, forests... all of that is land... the electromagnetic spectrum... The electromagnetic spectrum is "land". And it is due to the rent of the electromagnetic spectrum that Carlos Slim and Bill Gates have become the world's richest men. Why? Because they get the rent of the electromagnetic spectrum for zero, and sell it at gold prices through mobile phones. R: At "land" prices. F: At land prices, of course! It's very simple. So... in (Henry) George's time, or at the time of the Physiocrats, this concept didn't exist, but... the electromagnetic spectrum didn't exist, but a current Philo-georgist model, or a Walrasian model, if we are talking about Leon Walras, must address the electromagnetic spectrum, because it is a huge source of rent/income... a fabulous one... the world's greatest fortunes are being made there... We, however, are absent minded... absent minded, and taxing the corner merchant, seeing whether we can get more from small businesses, seeing how we charge a tax here, another tax here, while those people are filling their pockets with gold. Given all this... it makes sense that poverty persists.

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Progreso y miseria en el siglo XXI.2

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