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Salbuchi - Second Republic Project - Pillar 2 - SOVEREIGN CURRENCY - Part 2 of 2

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Because.. and let's go to some other basics. There are specific functions of money and currency. Money has four specific functions. First, it is a means of exchange which allows the exchange of goods and services, and requires that it be universally accepted within a specific economy, And there have to be stability. It acts in the present, to exchange things, where they have to be stable towards the future. Secondly, it is a unit of value, so that we can determine the relative values between a loaf of bread, a house, and a car. We need to know that - it also acts in the present and it must have stability. Third, it is an instrument of saving. What's saving mean? I work today, I accumulate my work for future use. So, I saved $ 5,000 today and then spend them during the summer of my holidays. Doing nothing. Why? Because I'm spending the work from the past. And the forth is that it shoud be an instrument promoting economic activity, economic expansion, in other words - everything is ready to go, you have workers ready to work, cement companies ready to give cement, steel companies ready to give steel. You need to build a road but you don't have the money. OK. The State must finance that, so that the money is available to make things happen. And that means that it will be paid with future work in other words, with future tools, and taxes, and so forth. Most states have leverage over the first three but not the forth of these functions. In other words, the state can determine that currency is a means of exchange, it is a unit of value, it is an instrument of saving, but when it comes to economic expansion, credit, that is left to the private bankers. That is part of our predicament nowadays. The United States is a very special case because in the US the Federal Reserve itself is a private organization. whose shareholders are more than 95% the private bank themselves. That's why in the US you can not audit the FED, that's why in the US you have no other option than a Federal Reserve that will issue trillions of dollars in order to bail out the people that actually own the Federal Reserve Bank. Your Goldman Sachs, your AIGs, your Merril Lynch-es, your CityCorps, your JP Morgans, and the European banks. Like a snake biting its own tail, the whole system closes upon itself. An old Chinese Emperor from the 9th century once said, and he undestood about these things, "Let farmers gather wheat, let bakers bake bread, let the merchants sell and distribute bread throughout the realm, Let the warriors defend the country. But issuing money is delegated to no one. Only I, the Emperor, shall do that." Very schrewd Chinese emperor who understood the power of issuing currency. Because, you see, money is to the economy what blood is to the human body. A person must have the right blood, in the right amounts, at the right blood pressure. It must harmoniously throb through the entire body at the right speed, and at the right rhythm. It must contain the right nutrients. If blood pressure is too high or too low, if blood is poisoned, the person gets sick, and even dies. If there's too much blood, the person dies. If there is too little blood, the person dies. So, blood is to the human body what money is to the real economy. There is a parallel here. Our financial system today is totally out of proportion. It has been poisoned by usury, by speculation, by parasitic operations, by inflation, by improper amounts, rhythms, temperatures. So, the first thing that a Sovereign State must do in a Second Republic is bring back health to the economy by insuring a healthy, strong, monetary, and banking system that is subordinated to the interests of the common good and not place above it usurping a place that it should never have. The state can issue and withdraw money according to the needs of the real economy. It does not have to charge interest. It does not have to do any profiteering. That's not the function of the state. Why should that be outsourced to banks, to private banks? That is the key question. I ask you now to go on to video No. 3 which speaks on rejecting the debt-based economic system.

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Posted by: wingman007 on Feb 21, 2011

2nd Pillar: “RECOVER A SOVEREIGN CURRENCY” – Once each of our countries restores its Sovereign State, then the very first thing we need to do is put our National Currencies back in their proper place, which means subordinating the entire financial, banking and monetary system to the needs of the Real Economy. It means breaking the back of the parasitic usury-based fractional banking system. It means putting National Currencies to work as they should for “We, The People…” and not for the bankers cabal. It’s the “Either, Or” struggle of old: either the State and Government protects, defends and works for “We, The People”, or it protects, defends and works for the Bankers and Power Elites…

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