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Teach you Design of: Love

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Love as Expression of Life - Love Hi, this is the, Love..system design. Here to give you a clarification with regards to the word 'love'. So obviously, human beings require to 'disseminate me'. To, no longer 'existed' and to no longer 'form', and to no longer support..the mind. So how do we, support ourselves, as 'Life' of oneness and equality? So that the word, in 'any word' that is spoken for that matter, stand as who we are, as an expression of ourselves, as 'Life', of oneness and equality. So let's look at the word 'love'. Now to.. have the word love, become an expression of 'self', that support 'self' - as Life, of oneness and equality. Let's make "love" a statement So when you express to another: I love you Realize that, the words you're voicing, 'is not to another' but actually 'to yourself'. Even, if you have to close your eyes and say: I love you Realize that, "I love you" that's being spoken- is that, "love"- for yourself But now, what is 'that' love for self? Make it, clear, that love is a statement that you will not, accept anything less, than who you are and 'thus' will not accept, anything less from another - as 'one with who you are'. in other words If you say: I love you that the person, or the being, already were standing in front of you, Your child, your husband, your boyfriend your girlfriend your wife..whatever! a friend. You'll close your eyes and say, 'I love you', or if you look at them and say 'I love you' Realize, that I love you that you're saying, is 'I love you to yourself', as the being as one with, You as You! and now when you're saying that, you're making a statement - I will not accept, anything less than who you are! and that, if I see..or notice, that you are dishonoring 'you', to not being honest with you, and that you're accepting and allowing, 'something less than, who you really are within yourself' I 'will', intervene. I 'will' direct you appropriate and specifically 'because'.. I will not accept anything less than 'who anybody is' including myself, within my world. That becomes a statement of 'I love you'. and, in saying, 'I love you' realize, 'be aware' when you say 'I love you'. What does that 'I love you', really state as an expression of you, of oneness and equality 'as a starting point'..of honesty with self. That you will act on that, statement 'I love you'..that is not just 'empty words' spoken. But in that is an absolute statement 'which you will live', so, how do you live love? You intervene when you see, that even yourself or anyone else in your world, is applying anything or something, that is less than who they are. Then you 'live the word love', don't you? then it's not just empty words, said..with quick No awareness, just out of your..that is just empty, that's..disheartening, that's 'sad'. Rather make 'love', a statement of you, as you- 'to all in your world' as one with you So when you say that 'I love you' that you 'stand' as an expression of that every single moment. So that, when you say 'I love you''re actually saying: I honor you, as me as one with me as Life! as equal and one! and thus I'll not accept anything less, than who you really are - as one with me! That's why I will not accept anything less, than who I am, within me and therefore not accepting anything less than 'who I am' within anyone else! that is 'one' with me. So, that is the 'correction', of the word 'love', I suggest..that if you have any 'separate connotation' or definitions, to the word 'love', that is not 'an expression of who you are'. Apply forgiveness with corrective application, with the forgiveness, You 'release' yourself from the word 'love' so that only the 'word' love stand, Then the word love as a statement of you, to all as one as you, you'll not accept anything less than who they are - as one with you in your world Then 'love' becomes an expression, then love becomes a living word. If you stand by you and 'honesty of you' by that word, of love. Taking responsibility for you for each and every single word, 'you speak!' That's how you disseminate me, "that's how I disappear" (smile) Surely that's what you would like- that's what, everyone's "aiming at" does it not? To 'stop' and destroy the systems, to once and for all! I would surely like to as expression of 'Life', as each human being, that honor each other as they honor themselves in every moment 'of self-honesty'. Not accepting or allowing 'anything less', than who we are. Thank you very much. this is..the love system design. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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