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Jacque Fresco - Conscription of War Industries, Social Protest (Repository)

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What are they fighting for? If the war sells munitions, submarines yet you take the lives of American soldiers and put them up to defend the US. Are they defending the US or are they defending the social institutions the war factories, the war industries? Do you see what I mean? Merely marching in front of the Stock Market or Stock Exchange is only part of this system. The public pays taxes. They support the police the Army, the war weapons, everything. The very rich pay very little taxes yet they control the police and the National Guard and the Army. It's the public that pays the police's salary. I am told they arrested... - 700 - By now, you say 700. Well, that's interesting but remember the public pays their salary. They don't know who they hell they're serving. When they serve Wall Street that means the money people really control the country, not the public. 80% of the people say they are not satisfied with the government's decisions. If you walk in front of the Stock Exchange, and you say that these people are corrupt, the whole system is corrupt! You have to point out these things. They want to cut Medicare for the poor. "What do you suggest as an alternative? Let them die?" Bring that up! "What do you suggest?" The guy that says "We don't want to give people free medical care." "What do you want them to do? Die? Yes or No?" They can't answer that so pin them down when they say "We love this country. Our boys are out there fighting giving up their lives for the country." "Don't you think we ought to take the profit out of war also just like the guys don't make money fighting over there?" They get minimum wage fighting. When you figure out the cost of war all the aircraft carriers, all the airplanes, all the cities destroyed and all the nations wiped out it's cheaper to take that money and build new cities all over the world, helping people to understand the benefits of technology and knowledge. The whole country is involved in exploitation. If you are a dentist, you make money on me if I need a root canal. If you dent your automobile, somebody makes money straightening out the fenders. Everything is profitable and we want that changed. We want the world to concern itself with people and taking care of the environment. It's the greatest gift we have: the trees, top soil, oceans where ships, luxury liners, empty their bilge into the ocean. That means the oil and all the stuff; they pump it into the ocean. The oceans are the toilets of the world. All big hotels pump their fecal matter out into the oceans. So what do you expect from that? Do you expect the dolphins to live on [with] healthy lives? They can't. If you use genetic manipulation without a long-term study of the effects of it, you are going to hurt people. It's the system, not Wall Street. The system produces all that. Therefore, we offer an alternative system and this is what it is: to declare the Earth the common heritage of all the world's people. For those of you that are religious God didn't make the Earth for the Greeks or the Polocks of the Jews or the French. He made it for all the people of the world. Use religion, use it that way. You can find that in the Bible "Love your enemy" it says. It says "Thou shall not kill" in all Bibles and yet people don't seem to follow that so apparently they don't understand what they are reading. They believe in honesty and good and fair-play. Where did we get this land? We stole it from the Indians. Women who disagreed were burned as witches in Salem, Massachusetts. The Ku Klux Klan in America had 3 million members. If you don't bring that up, that's a problem. The problem is that freedom and individual opinions can become dangerous. I asked many people years ago whether they thought man will ever get to the Moon. They said "not in a thousand years." I said "Do you know anything about rockets?" No. "Do you know anything about space travel?" No. Well how do you formulate that? How come we give everybody a right to their own opinion? Why don't you give them access to information? Essentially, you have to educate people teach them about the system, how it works, where it's offensive. If a man commits a crime say he steals a watch worth $200 it's his third offense, he goes to jail for 7 years. It's cheaper to give him a watch than feed him for 7 years and take care of his medical problems and hotel, his food. Putting a man in jail is cruel beyond description. It's confining a human, taking away his life putting him there for 10 years, some 20 years, some life in prison. The judge has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't know the condition that shaped that value system. If he knew where that man came from if he knew the conditioning of that man, he'd say "It's not his fault. He was brought up to hate and kill and murder." It seems that all people that kill and murder are really enacting the way movies (all our cowboy pictures) [They] never sit down to discuss anything. They shoot people. [They] have their two guns. They shoot people. The Indians were fighting for their land; we stole it from them but we shoot Indians, and we show the guys in the covered wagons ... What the hell, are you taking their land away from [them]? Why don't you ask them whether we can settle down here? They said "No." We didn't ask them. We took it and we drove the Indians into the desert region. They're still looking for justice. The Indians aren't going to get justice because they have no power. If they get an Indian in the Congress if he doesn't conform to the views of the Congressmen they'll move him out. Do you understand? Now, as long as sports exist: racing cars football, baseball, they act as detractors. They detract people from the real issues. They don't even know what the real issues are. The real issues are to take care of this God-given Earth if you're talking to them, to take care of nature. God put the trees here to give us oxygen. We give out carbon dioxide; the trees use that. Use religion, whatever, wherever they're at. Talk to them. Say it's not going to change anything if you march in front of Wall Street, but if you talk to other people and get a sufficient amount of people organized to demand the Venus Project. When 80% of the people don't trust their government anymore (what the Republicans say about the Democrats or the Democrats say about the Republicans) they just don't feel comfortable, and they don't know what else to do so they would like to (like the Arabs) change the culture but what do you change it to? They don't know. If they succeed in changing the culture it'll revert back to the old values unless you teach them about the new value system. Then they say "Well, they've tried that for years and it never worked." Who tried it? When did they try it? Pin them down. "Well, I don't know..." Say "I'm not interested in your opinion, I want facts!" OK? And they'll try to detract you. They'll say "It will kill incentive." "Have you ever tried it?" "No, Russia has." "Well, Russia didn't have the resources we have and they didn't steal the land; it was their land." Russia had men pulling boats along the Volga River. Did you know that? They had no power system. Life was so miserable for the majority of people they took to an ideal that if the people owned the means of production they wouldn't hurt each other so they tried this social experiment and they failed because they didn't know how precisely to carry it out to attain what they wanted. If the socialists got into power they'd be concerned about the working man. If automation came up they'd say "No, we have to have people working," and other nations will pass us by surpass us, because they put in automation. When you get new machines that work everything in the factory (let's say you've got 3,000 people working in it) [but] now you got 1500, and machines are assembling cars. You have to point out that if new machines come in you'll get the workers together and say: "Instead of working 8 hours, you now work 4 hours a day and instead of getting a week off every year you get 2 months off with your family," and they'd get paid. That's what the machines do, but if machines cause you to lose your job, you're going to hate machines. Machines, when used intelligently if they turn out 50 times more than a man can turn out industry will use machines. They don't give a shit about people. They don't care whether they lay off 400 people, 500 or 3000 if they make more money doing it. The Japanese are presently working on human faces. They're not quite good enough. When you get human faces on television to sell toothpaste it works for about 15 cents an hour. Eventually, instead of having people selling goods on TV you'll have a face: sweet old lady, excellent face but today, their heads turn like this. They don't turn naturally. When the Japanese finally get there everybody can be displaced, including doctors, lawyers. If you don't understand that, the more sophisticated say "Well, a scientist can't be displaced, he can think." No, a scientist is given every word in school that gravity is a force that shows itself by electrical, magnetic and chemical effect. Every word that they use is pumped in. If you made a computer, an architectural computer you can say to it "I want a home" and it'll say "What kind of home?" It has to say that and you'll say "I'm not sure" because you're not of student of architecture. Different homes will appear and rotate and you say finally "No not, that one!" Then you'd say to the computer "I'd like to see the floor plan" and it understands language. If you don't understand that, there are machines that can type the speech that understand language, so just like the architect you say ''I'd like to see the floor plan," and the roof lifts off or a blueprint is presented to you. You begin to design integrated systems. Do you know what that means? That you take in the whole factor and instead of selling an air-conditioner to every home we pipe air-conditioned air all around and you absorb what you want. You turn it on and off. That's much cheaper than selling an air-conditioner or a lawn mower to 5000 houses. The lawn mower people would love to do that to sell a lawn mower to each house. Instead of that you have 4 or 5 giant lawn mowers that take care of the whole area. Do you understand that? They say "Do we have enough resources?" We don't, using it the way it's used today: a lawn mower, an air-conditioner hanging out of every window. That's not a way to do things. You have a thousand farms growing the same thing. You have farms, large farms, industrial farms without genetic engineering, unless it's been tested for many years to make sure there's no negative effects. The system I'm talking about doesn't profit anyone to lie. Everybody has access to books, school, free of charge and there's no taxation. If you don't like that system "What are you, an atheist?" You approach religious people that way "This is what God wants. It's called the brotherhood of man." This doesn't differ from any religious teaching. It really doesn't, so if you're with normal people if they say "Will you come to the Presbytarian church and give a presentation?" do it in that guise. If you go to a bunch of humanists that are atheists you don't need to use religion. You can just point out the shortcomings. I think I told you about the girl that came with me with a whip and handcuffs and she says "I'd like to be whipped and handcuffed to the bed." She was a Catholic and couldn't think of having sex without force, and it's not her fault. She always dreamt of guys holding her down and making love to her and that was legitimate to her. Whenever she thought of 'gee', having sex, that was sinful. Is she bad? No. Is she wrong? No. She was brought up under different circumstances. It takes a long while to learn that. It's much easier to get mad at people. When you get mad at them, you feel relieved. In the future when you understand that's where they're coming from you don't get mad.

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