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Naso 2003 by Rav Berg

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And so, in brief, the twelve chieftains of the tribes, who brought these sacrifices, this was the methodology, the technology, by which we can influence each and every single cosmos, referring to each and every single month of the year; by which I can demonstrate, at least some form of control. And that's why I'm here on Shabbat, because this is what it's all about. Again, to instill within me the Lightforce of God with the material, with the technology, with the information by which I can wage war every single month, with the ultimate objective to remove pain and suffering. So, each mention of each month which will be announced and should be announced in every war room around the entire world of the Centres of Kabbalah. So as to prepare the groundward, that when we come to this particular month in time, this particular cosmic form of energy, that will be infusing, that will be influencing the cosmos, that I can be prepared in advance. A crash course on how to remove chaos from my life. And so we have this opportunity to keep the GHQ of Satan and bait to keep him away from my life, to keep it away from influencing my activities, that ultimately could, chas v'shalom, wind up in a disaster, a tragedy. And so, this seemingly unimportant event of twelve chieftains bringing their sacrifices, that don't exist even today, but it does exist, the warfare, the methodology, the effect of reducing the influence, of limitng the scope of that GHQ of Satan, the cause and cause of causes of all chaos in this world. To instill this equipment, whether I make use of it in the month ahead or not, whether I'm conscious, whether I have the consciousness to apply it or not; there's no question, I don't want to leave you with the idea that without consciousness it will be as effective as if I had the consciouness when I come to Gemini, I say to myself: Oh, I remember. I'm gonna apply now all of that material, all of that weaponry now to take pursuit after and destroy or remove Satan during this month of Gemini. Incredible tools that are there all year, day in and day out, if only we made use constantly, because it is a constant war that goes on in our lives. And if you think retirement takes care of it, how greatly mistaken we might be.

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Naso 2003 by Rav Berg

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