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George Kanuma, Burundi on tolerance of gay community in french-speaking Africa

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My name is George Kanuma, I am from Burundi. I work at the ANSS ( National Association for "Africa Gay" is a coalition of 12 French-speaking countries who are fighting against HIV / AIDS among men who have sex with men (MSM) In Africa, it is difficult to be homosexual, there is a great deal of discrimination massive homophobia against homosexuals, there are a few countries like Cameroon or Senegal, which still criminalize homosexuality. In countries where it is not criminalized such as Burundi, Burkina Faso or Mali, the civil society is where discrimination resides, especially in the family, because being a homosexual in Africa is not home sweet home. Q: Were there cases of discrimination that have particularly marked you in Africa? Yes, of course, in Senegal, there were arbitrary arrests, just because they were homosexuals One of our compatriots who is part of Africa gay and Senegalese, is always refused entry into Mali because he is wanted by the police There are also cases like Rwanda, the president of the gay and lesbian association in Rwanda is still unable to leave his country because the Immigration Office is holding her passport. There are many cases, I cannot mention them all here. I am very satisifed with the conference because the issue of MSM has been discussed and must be considered. even though we did not wait for that to act here at Africa gay, it will speed up the process because many people are already aware thanks to this conference. Q: thank you much George, G: Anytime.

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Posted by: foko on Aug 10, 2008

George Kanuma is an activist who works for the National Association of HIV positive and AIDS patients.
At the AIDS 2008 conference, he explains the state of tolerance of the gay community in French-speaking Africa.

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