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You are absolutely complete. Sadhguru

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why we are inventing newer newer machines is the creation is a huge message of the creation you are just a small piece of creation why you are going about inventing new messages everyday where is the need it's the need to do things means somewhere you feel you are incomplete so to fulfill yourself to fulfill themselves people are doing so many fanciful thinks isn't it the very fact that someone is trying to fulfill himself means there is a sense of incompleteness yes but this piece of creation is not incomplete this is a complete being this does not need any addition to make it full this does not need any outside support to make this full it doesn't need anybody's input to make this full this being is absoluely complete because people are not in touch with this being they are only living on their mind they feel incomplete because whatever you have in your mind it is bound to be incomplete isn't it it doesn't matter how much you gather in your head it is bound to be incomplete isn't it so do you believe some day you can gather something in your mind which is complete is it possible in fact the more and more learn-- you become the more and more you realize you don't know anything only a fool who knows whose read half a book believes he knows everything isn't it so the more you gather in your mind the more you will realize you know very little you will see top top level I'm not talking about you know the university kind of people real top level scientists they have become like saints because the reality has humbled them sold deeply the more and more and more they learn these are people tremendous intellects they realise they barely know anything at all this just humbles them and they become very gentle and like that it's a kind of yoga by itself. so where is the need to give your own message some sense of you want to seek attention . isnt it? yes you badly want to seek attention to yourself saying I got a new message if your messages different from the message of the creation why should anybody be interested why should anybody be interested. you cannot be no matter how hard you try you cannot be anything other than what the creation is isn't it yes if you are completely with it you're a tremendous being if you're not with it you are broken being.isnt it? the being cannot be broken or made it is just the mind which can be a balance or broken. so you take up something that needs to be done in the world that's not the mission that i spoke about. I'm talking about people who have their own messages who hear things from god all the times you know even your President claims god spoke to him. god tells him what political decisions to take that's dangerous very dangerous. isn't it because once you're receving messages from god peoples vote doesn't mean anything yes or no. yes once you are in connection with god god himself is telling you what to do these ordinary people their vote doesn't mean a damn thing isn't it but that is a baby and going and the moment people stopped receiving messages from God and they have their message to give. you will see they will become ---- in so many different ways just listen to the creation and the closest piece of creation to you is yourself just listen to the way this life functions what this life has to say e not your mind not your emotion because your mind and your emotions is never been reliable isn't it today it says onething tommorrow it says another thing isn't it so at different stages in your life hasn't your mind like (to you) doing a million different ways made you believe this is it and after a year you feel like a fool for what you believed yes or no has it your emotions done this to you it told you this man is so wonderful tomorrow morning you realised he is so horrible has it happened to you so your mind and emotions has never been reliable isn't it it is okay to handle little little things but you don't come up with the message for the world not necessary all right

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru discusses relaying messages and one's need to feel complete. (AO86)

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