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Yosef Shneor Promo Kabbalah 1

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What if you find yourself throughout your life, year after year, getting the same repetitive patterns of challenges, of pain, of relationship issues, of financial issues. And it's true that you grow and you learn more, and you become more experienced in different aspects of life. But it seems like the same old pain keeps following you wherever you go. The wisdom of Kabbalah is teaching us that the same way we have a physical DNA, we also have a spiritual and metaphysical DNA. It's within our sensibility and our power to transform it, to transform any negativity to positivity And pain my friend, is only there because we don't understand the why. We don't understand the spiritual reasoning behind the scenario, behind what's happening to us. And the pain will stop, and even will transform into great success only, and only when we will understand the spiritual message that is behind whatever it is that is happening to us in our lives. The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us that the game of life has rules to it. It's not random. Nothing here is coincidental. Everything is working in a very precise way. Once we understand and apply the rules of the game of life we start to tap into the endless abundance and power that we have within our soul. The power of this wisdom belongs to you. It belongs to every person on this planet, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, and even regardless of background--what you've learned so far. None of this is relevant. This wisdom belongs to all of humanity. By learning this system, we start to expand our consciousness. We start to see things differently, and this affects our thoughts, this affects our behavior, This affects eventually the results we have in our lives. Once we expand in this way, and once we learn and apply this wisdom, then gradually our lives start to transform. We start to get more fun, more fulfillment, more joy, more certainty, more power, more strength to deal with things. Kabbalah 1 is an amazing journey of 10 lessons that takes you back to who you really are. To get you to know yourself--the real self. Better than whatever you knew until today. To understand that once you transform, your world will transform. You have the power to transform everything in this world, because you have the power to transform yourself. We are here in this world not to suffer. We are here in this world to get more-- to get more abundance, to get more Light, more fulfillment. Kabbalah means to receive. It's an ancient, Aramaic word that means to receive. And we are here, we are meant to receive more out of life. To receive all that is possible in this life. Kabbalah is telling us to never settle for less. Never settle for less than the true perfection you deserve. So my friends, I invite you to join me to this journey we're starting this coming September in Nigeria and in South Africa I'll be so happy to walk this journey together with you, like I've been doing for the last 20 years. And the guarantee of Kabbalah is that we are all meant and we will all be victorious winners in the game of life. See you this coming September. Thank you very much.

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Yosef Shneor Promo Kabbalah 1

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