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Want Less Corruption? Shrink the Size of Government

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Why is Washington always engulfed by scandal? Whether Democrats are in charge or Republicans are in charge. It's hard to open a newspaper and watch the news without being bombarded by more evidence of venal behaviour and corrupt antics. This is true today, but it was true a couple of years ago and in previous decades. But the crimes that make the news are just the tip of the iceberg. A left wing columnist famously noted years ago that "The real scandal in the nation's capitol isn't what's illegal, but what's legal." Influence paddeling, favour swapping and back scrathing - these are art forms in Washington. as politicians lobbyists and interest groups exist in a symbiotic relationship. I am Daemon Mitchel of the "Keido" institute and in this short video from the center of freedom and prosperity. We are going to examine the tradinal way of trying to control Washington corruption and then we are going to suggest an alternative approach. Let's look first at the standard washington "answer this lease???" As you see on the screen politicians respond to corruption buy enacting more laws. We get more ethics laws, more campaign finance laws and more lobbying laws. Adn the politicians want us to believe that each one of these new laws will finally clean up washington. Yet nothing ever seems to change. Why is it, that these laws do not seem to have much impact? I would like you to consider an alternative hypothethis: Maybe, just maybe the reason we have so much corruption is that government is so big... and politicians have so much power to redistribute. The federal government for instance is going to spend about 3,5 trillion dolars this year. That's an enourmous amount of money. More than 45 thousand for every family in America. Should we be surprised therefore that hoards of special interest descend on Washington like locusts... figuring out ways to get a cut of the action. These interest groups are jacking for more wellfare, foregin aid, bailout money, bridges to nowhere, artist handouts, income redistribution.... healthcare subsidies and millitary contracts and name just a few but whatever they are looking the key thing to understand is that the massive size of government creates oppurtunities for corruption, there have always been lobbyists in DC... and there's always been some corruption. but the number of lobbyists has grown and the extent of corruption has increased as the size of government has expanded. Imagine if we still had the type of federal government are founding fathers envisioned. How many lobbyists and scam artists would there be in Washington? If the federal government was collecting and redistributing less than 5% of the economic output which was the case for much of our nations history. Today by contrast. The federal government alone redistributes nearly 25% of our economy's output. And that's just spending! Let's not forget that the government intervention and regulation create additional oppurtunities for corruption and malfeasance. Many interest groups for instance seek unearned wealth by convincing politicians to rewrite special rules and other forms of favourthism. FannieMae, Freddie Mac are examples of how sleezy insider dealing can be pervasive and remain at least until recently... completely separate from budgetary debates. The tax code - that's another sandbox for both legal and illegal corruption. Every interest group seems to have a special loophole or cozy shelter in the internal revenue code. This is the main reason why we have tens of thousands of pages of Tax Rules. Nobody understands them, but lots of people in washington get rich because of them. And lots of politicians fatten their campaign coffers as a result. Imagine how much less vice there would be in DC, if the ??RSS?? was replaced by simple and transparent Tax system that treated everybody equally. No wonder the "Baltley bandints" don't like the flat tax. 3,5 trillion of spending, massive regulatory authority a loophole-ridden tax code - these are the reasons why there are so many looters and moochers in washington. Government has become far too big we have degenerated from the great system set up by our founding fathers. To a - a racket! That works for the benefit of the political class The main lesson from this video is that influence peddling and other sleezy behavior in washington Is the symptom. The underlying disease is excessive government. So instead of passing laws that adress the symptom wouldn't it make more sense to actually treat the disease? Let's answer that question with an analogy. The next time you read about some new proposal to reform the ethics regulations, the campaigning finance laws or the lobbying rules Think about pressing on a balloon the more you squeeze in one spot, the more you expand the balloon in an other spot. This is why legislation to clean up washington is destined to fail. If you really wanna reduce sleeze, the best option, perhaps the only solution is the reduce the size and power of the government. On behalf of the centre for freedom and prosperity thanks for watching. We count on you to be the messengers of liberty so please share this video widely

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Washington is riddled with corruption, much of which actually is legal. The politicians and other insiders claim that more ethics laws and lobbying rules are the solution. Some even say the only answer is campaign finance laws that restrict 1st Amendment rights to fully participate in the political process. This Center for Freedom and Prosperity video explores a different hypothesis and concludes that big government is inherently corrupting.

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