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SpaceVidcast Episode #011

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(music) T-50 seconds. Tranferring to Shuttle's internal power now. Running onboard three fuel cells. Coming up on go for auto-sequence start. Giving Discovery control of the spacecraft. Go for auto-sequence start. 25. T-25 seconds and counting. 20. T-15 seconds and counting. 10. 10 seconds. We have both of the main engines start. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Booster ignition. And lift-off of Shuttle Discovery. Gambatte kudasai. Best of luck to the International Space Station's newest laboratory. Roger roll Discovery. Houston now controlling the flight of Discovery. A man-made rising Sun on behalf of Japan. Discovery on the proper alignment. Head down, wings level for the eight and half minute ride to orbit. With four and a half million pounds of hardware and humans taking aim on the International Space Station. (music) They are 36 seconds into the flight with three liquid fuel main engines now throttling back to 72 percent of rated performance. Going in the bucket, reducing the stress on the Shuttle as it goes supersonic. (music) Copy ignition. Booster officer confirmed staging with solid rocket booster separation. Guidance now converging. Standing by for main engine cut-off. That will be followed a few seconds later by the separation of the external fuel tank. (music) Copy. Booster officer confirms main engine cut-off, standing by for external tank separation. (music) External tank separation confirmed. Discovery now in its preliminary orbit. Point O nine. Two inches. Afterlight. And Houston and station capture confirmed. (laughter) Discovery... Hey you guys. Hey. Are you looking for a plumber? (laughter) (dramtic music) (Ben) Oh my goodness, where's Cariann? She's missing. It's a tight shot of me! Cariann's out for the evening. My name is Benjamin Higginbotham. (laughter) One of the SpaceVidcasters. We've got an interesting show for you tonight, cause the Space News queen is missing. It's just me. I guess I'm the Space News king at this point. And I'm going to be relying a lot on the live chatroom, which you can see right down here below you, to keeping up... (laughter) I do have fun with my hands. And I do the numbers. But hey I'm going to be relying on the live chatroom to help me out with this particular show. We've got a lot of great stuff because STS-124 as you saw in the opening there, has launched and is docked at the International Space Station. So far they have done two successful EVA's. An EVA is an Extra Vehicular Activity aka spacewalk. You know they have to use TLA's, oh I'm sorry, three letter acronyms in order to just say spacewalk...can't just say spacewalk. I do, I like to use my hands. I like to show you that I'm passionate about things. It requires the use of my hands and my whole upper body. So you know I'm going to move around - deal with it. And actually a lot of that is coming from, we've started a brand new daily show. Oh that's a newbie mistake. We started a brand new daily show and every day on you can get your 90 seconds to five minute fix of what's going on here. Check it out, I'm going to play one of these daily shows for you so you can see exactly what's going on on This is your daily SpaceVidcast for June fifth aught eight. Recently I was on Twin Cities Live talking about podcasting and right before we got off the air John Hanson had this to say. (John) Bencredible, thank you so much. (Ben) No problem, it's always fun. (John and Rebekah) We appreciate it. (John) And put on a better shirt for your next podcast. You dress up for this show, why not your own? So hopefully this is better John. I now have a blue and white striped shirt on even with the collar. Stand back, I know it's super sexy...I can't help myself. It's also been mentioned that I move my head too much inside of the daily video casts. And there is a reason for that, it's because I don't have an unlimited buget, this plasma is not just standing next to my side. I'm actually kneeling. And if I were to stand up, ah it doesn't work so well. But see now that I'm standing I can actually make hand movements and whatnot. But I have a solution - fear not. Hang on, let me find it for you. This should solve all of our problems. This is a chair. Oh yeah check that out. Now I can actually move my hands, move my whole upper body, not just my head bouncing back and forth. Plus still got the stripey shirt with the collar. John will be happy about the shirt. You guys will be happy about me not just bopping my head back and forth. Now you're going to complain about me moving my arms too much, but whatever we'll deal with that later. I told ya! See, I told ya! Complaining about moving my hands too much. Maybe I should just tie them down or something like that. (laughter) So we've got those brand new daily shows going live. Those will be Monday through Friday. We're going to try and keep them undereath five minutes for each show, as opposed to the live shows. Those are somewhere around thirty...thirty to forty minutes. So you can kind of get your fix however you want it. Do you want to quick snippit of news in high defenition by the way? Or do you want to participate in the live show? Hopefully you'll do both. We've actually got more SpaceVidcast news. Colten has been working on an application. Check this out. This is an app that you can download. It's an Adobe AIR app. And it will actually run on your desktop, so you can watch SpaceVidcast without having to log into the website. You don't have to go into any other special weird page or anything. Just run this... it will work on Mac, PC, and Linux as well, I believe as well. Ah yup it will work on just about any platform because it is Adobe AIR. And it just...we were playing with it last night, it's just sexy. A few more finishing touches that need to be applied, but if you go to in the very near future at the bottom of page you're going to see a link to install that. I'm also going to be adding a place where you can download some SpaceVidcast desktop backgrounds and some cool branding type stuff so you will be able to see... really have can just total SpaceVidcast geek out if you want to. And you should because you know we're cool like that. There was one more SpaceVidcast thing. Oh yeah, PSBsatellite. Check this out. PSBsatellite, he's the installer who took care of me for our satellites for NASA TV, is directly responsible for allowing us to bring you the Phoenix Lander coverage and STS-124 coverage. Well if you want to be able to download or get satellite feeds from NASA TV directly, you can actually just go to that URL that you see at the top of your screen. The tiny URL or in your chatroom and I'll post it in the show notes as well. And for about 200 dollars you can get a full motorized system with reciever and you can get not just NASA TV, but because it's a motorized satellite system you can swing to a bunch of different satellites and literally get thousands of potential channels. And it's obsolutely incredible. And when news happens, like when NASA is going live, you can swing from satellite to satellite and actually find a bunch of different feeds of different cameras that they've got broadcasting. So not just a raw NASA TV feed, you can actually find a lock down camera of the Shuttle and have NASA TV in the background of course always watching SpaceVidcast in the background because you love the chatroom. I know you do. You absolutely do. And so there ya go. Any other...did I miss anything guys in the chatroom? That's pretty much it for that portion of it isn't it? Now I've got to wait for lag and whatnot. Well I know, I know I haven't gotten to the rest of the news stories. I'm talking about SpaceVidcast news. Geez! Alright fine. I'm going to start on some lighter news. Check this out, this is pretty cool. They brought Buzz Lightyear to the International Space Station. Here's some footage of it. Yeah if you look you can kid of see a little bit out the window. Ah give it a moment. That's the Earth in the background behind this Buzz Lightyear. There's the ISS. Is that Kibo right there guys? Blocking their view now. There you go, there's Earth. And now they're going to take Buzz and fly him around the International Space Station. This is part of Disney's Youth Educational Series. And they are developing an online program known as the Space Ranger Education Series. And it's going to have games for students and materials for educators and whatnot. You can download that and make them use it in their classroom. And so I believe they brought this up as kind of marketing thing. And they had a toys in space program and so that kind of seemed to have gone away, but maybe they are bringing that back. Not sure. Kind of looks like it because now we've got Buzz up on the International Space Station. And I'm going to keep that on this footage for a second cause they actually fly Buzz around the ISS. I'll give it just a moment, they're going to start flying him around. You can actually see some of the International Space Station, some of the screens. Man, I wanna be on the ISS, how cool is that? Ah he should be there mascot Starbucks. That would be awesome. Alright now fly around Buzz, do it, do it. I can't have dead air for too long Buzz. There you go. There you go! (laughter) Flying around and now he's going to check out some of the screens in the ISS. (laughter) I just love the way they did the camera work and the look on his face. He's like...he kind of feels like Buzz. (laughter) Alright, you can watch that. You know what I will post a...just a clip of nothing but Buzz in the SpaceVidcast/YouTube channel. And if don't subscribe to our YouTube channel you can go to, scroll down to the bottom and there is a YouTube botton, click on that you'll go to YouTube and you can subscribe to it there as well. We've also got the...well since we are already on the ISS let's stay on the ISS. We've got... (laughter) "The International Space Station Toilet Sucks Again". (laughter) I love that, I love that topic, that's just... (laughter) it literally does. It used to I said on the daily show, I find it extremely ironic that NASA has redundancy in absolutely everything except the toilet. It doesn't get much more important than the toilet does it? (laughter) That looks kind of like a torture device. Look at that. I mean I've always kind of wondered how that works. That is the...that actually is the toilet on the ISS. I mean you have to strap in and what is that like White rod that is protruding there? That doesn't look...that doesn't look fun. Ahhh, maybe space travel isn't for me. I'm not sure I like the bathrooms...that's... Yeah probe, that's what Total says. You know maybe the ISS has been abducting people all along. It's actually been our own International Space Station, who knows? So they fixed the potty on the ISS, it can now...uh, number one and number two. It could only number two before. They were using the toilet on the Soyuz and then on the Space Shuttle while they were waiting for the new pump to be delivered. And the fun story about the pump is that the part was in Moscow, I believe. Or in Russia and they actually had to fly it to...they hand delivered it on a consumer airline all over to NASA. So how would you like to be going through security and being like "Uh yeah this is a uh it's a pump for a toilet on the Space Station, no really it's just a pump". (laughter) I do not want to be that guy. (laughter) So, anyhow they got the toilet working again. And finally in our news today we have got ice underneath the Phoenix Lander. I almost called it a rover again. That shot right there I think is my favorite shot of all from when it landed it blew away some dust. And you can see that right there, we're not sure what that is. It may not be ice, it could be like a deposit of salt or something. You know not entirely sure, but there is a chance that that is ice. Now even when it is ice it doesn't necessarily mean that those are the building blocks for life. It could be an ice brick of something hazardous chemical, I don't know. It may not be water per say, but it's pretty exciting the idea that they landed and there's a potential of ice right there - you know the building block of life right there underneath the Lander. Cause how awesome would that be? That's the whole reason this nearly five hundred million mission went there is to try and find the building blocks of life. Not necessarily find water, just the...what would be able to give us life on Mars. So that's actually, did I get all through all of my news? Cause it's all just kind of out of whack. We're running a little bit late today cause like Cariann's down and so trying to make this all happen. A little scatter brained, but you know what you guys love it that way. And you love this shirt with the collar, it's the same shirt I wore on Twin Cities Live. Yeah. Yeah, you like that? Absolutely. So any final comments before we go from the chatroom? Or are we just going to pretty much call that a show today? Cariann actually unfortunately has a migrane tonight, so she is out for this week. And I didn't really feel like putting her in front of very bright lights for a show. I don't think that would help her migrane. I think she would start bleeding from the ears and I don't think that would not be...that would not be pretty. So I will the chatroom is saying, tell her to get better. I will give her your best wishes from everyone in the chatroom. And hey thank you guys for joining us. Make sure to check out our daily shows, Monday through Friday. We post them very early in the AM around 2 o'clock AM Central Daylight Time. So you can check them out anytime that day that are relevant to that specific day, which is kind of cool and I think a little bit unique. And we like to have a little bit of fun with it. It's not stuck up stuffy space news, it's just you know having some fun. You saw that with the last daily episode. So go to every single day. You can subscribe to those in your iTunes reader. And for anyone who wants the high definition feed which is 720p, if you email me I will give you a link to that feed, however I ask that you do not add that not add that to the iTunes directory. That is a special feed reserved for those people who watch the live show and who email me who really want to get the high definition feed. So you can download that into your iTunes directly. You can also get it on Miro or you can watch the HiDef version via Vimio on And of course like I said watch for that application from Colten, who has been slaving away without any breaks or food or water. I don't give him any food until the application is done. I'm like finish my application! Do it now! So ya know - It's not good enough yet! So he'll have that done shortly I hope. Or he'll pass out from hunger. One of the two. Whichever happens first, I'm cool with either I suppose. And we'll have that available and what will be really cool is that you'll be able is that you will be able to switch between just the video or the video and the chat. We think, I'm pretty sure. I hope Colten that was what we talked about at least. So you'll be able to switch between those or you'll be able to just have the chatroom, so whatever you need it will be right there on your desktop. Very easily accessible so you never have an excuse to miss SpaceVidcast ever again. We'll be back with you next Thursday at 9 o'clock Central Daylight Time. And I hope we'll see you then.

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