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Yemeni Child Dying of Sickle Cell Anemia Needs Your Help

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Peace be upon you all. This child before you ... I'm not sure whether to start introducing him or his family. The name of this child is Mouhajir Khaled I'll introduce him first -- this child suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia He hangs between LIFE and DEATH. He needs surgery overseas that would cost 12,000,000 Yemeni Riyal. When he misses his daily medication prescribed by the doctors ... his entire body would swell, and he suffers excruciating pains and agony, unable to talk or move His family of 9 live in a single tiny room Can you imagine? Where's humanity, where's generosity, where are the good doers out there? This kid, does he not deserve to live??? This kid's father is struggling daily just in search of any job to help his family Family of 9 confined to a tiny room, with no living room, no kitchen They cannot eat or drink ... except at the mercy of a few good doers who occasionally donate to them This kid lives in Bayhan Street (Sana'a, Yemen) If you see this video, please SHARE it! If you're watching, I beg you to PLEASE help him! Mr. Kamal Tamah (TV personality; Twitter: @roudha20092009) .... you launched the campaign #اكرموهم (TREAT THEM GENEROUSLY) This kid deserves the generosity Help this poor kid or help his desperate family Even with a little bit of food and medicine And help his dad who's unemployed, desperately seeking a job to be able to help save his ill son's life Help this deserving child and gain your rewards in the Hereafter! When I talk to this child .... my heart melts and my eyes well with tears!!! What do you wish for? Do you want money? What do you want? "I JUST WANT MY MEDICINE" He wants his medicine! All he wishes for in this life is to have his medicine.... nothing else, just his medicine. Can you believe this everyone?! Because he realizes how much the medicine helps his condition and alleviates his suffering. He does not care about eating or drinking -- even though he's a child -- he just needs to survive! With God as my witness, I'm begging and urging you to share this video in order to help this vulnerable child Again, he lives in Bayhan Street (Sana'a, Yemen) His father's phone number is 011967734361050 ... please reach him (Needs Arabic Interpretor) If you can help with food, rent, medicine .... whatever you can do to help, please do! There are good people like you who want to help ... this family needs you! This child deserves to live! So, please share this video with others! Mr. Kamal Tamah (@roudha20092009), I urge you again to please find a solution for this kid and his family If you cannot sponsor the coverage of this kid's health expenses (i.e. travels, surgery, medications, etc), at least try assisting his desperate family I swear to you all ... his family is DYING OF STARVATION!!! I'm seeing it for myself, they are literally dying of starvation!!! I keep urging you all ... please this child NEEDS TO SURVIVE!!! As for myself, I'm not (financially) capable of helping this family What I can do is making this video ..... for the world to see Same with you ... if you cannot help (financially), all least please share this video and PRAY for this family Please pardon me for prolonging this clip .... It's just that this issue is critically important Because this child has to survive! He needs to live! His family need to survive! The father was previously employed, an educated person, a teacher ... Unfortunately, life in Yemen these days is terrible and people are in a crisis The dire situation has taken a toll on the father So, I beg you all and urge you immensly to please share this message So that this child can survive So this adorable child Mouhajir can get his medication I swear ... if he misses a dose of his medication, he becomes very ill His entire body swells up and he suffers miserably in pain and agony (sickle cell attacks) Q: Child ... what do you wish for? A: My medicine He just wants his medicine. Nothing else. Wherever he goes, all he is asking for is to receive his medicine. Please provide assistance for this child and his family. One last time, he lives in Bayhan Street (Sana'a (Yemen) and their direct phone number is 011967734361050. Anything that you can provide, as little as it may be, would help! They are dying of the cold and lack of necessities. The family are crying for this child who is struggling to survive You are the good doers ... this life is transient, please invest in the Hereafter and help this family in desperate need of your support. Pardon me for the lengthy message. May God's peace and blessings be upon you all.

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Posted by: rcharles on Jan 22, 2018

Mouhajir Khalid is a very unfortunate child suffering from sickle cell disease, living in poverty in Yemen in a household of 9 people, with unemployed father and all family members crammed into a single room in dire need of assistance. This child suffers from sickle cell attacks and at risk of death, but has no means of receiving any medical attention. He needs daily medications as well as surgery to remove his spleen. Without humanitarian assistance and charitable work from generous people such as yourself, Mouhajir will continue to suffer and live in pain and misery and risk for death every day. He needs urgent help. Please help him financially to pay for his medical care, spread this video for others to see, or at the very least pray for him and his family.

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