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David hans schmidt - My Suicidal

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: My CrossOver - David Hans Schmidt Hi hi- this is David Hans Schmidt, was it is- getting confusing well it's really strange sitting here right now in a female body it's nothing about the whole physical part it's just I'm like a dimensional wisp of smoke- feels like that not really as if you are not in a body and so we are kind of- when you die you go through like processes to- of forgiveness because you really need that especially me Jesus- I'm such a fuck up of a Life excuse my language I don't know if it is 'allowed' so I'll reframe from using specific words yah, a fuck up of a Life here I go again, sorry (laugh) maybe it is, it was that- really ok I wouldn't say anything live, stop now David stop, ok so I went through processes of what is called as forgivenesses, we are so busy with that yah- because I have killed myself you know when you kill yourself, you really think you are killing yourself and then you are dying and then it's done you kill! and nothing else remains! and then I realize that when I died and got to- what is called the dimensions, I was still here no different! to what I was like here on earth, I was still standing there going: What the- how is going on here? I thought I am dying now, then I thought that I was- maybe possibly in hospital someone found me, and under some form of acrotic and that I am dreaming then when I turned around I saw- ok, yup, I am dead no doubt about it so a being came, and he just said to me: Welcome you say what? welcome, ok I committed suicide I wanted to be dead, I don't want to live anymore and the said to me: Come going through processes after these processes, trust me you would you will become- living because at the moment you don't understand what it means to live so I said: Yah I know, honestly I can relate to that so I am still in the processes of forgiveness forgiving myself- myself during my Life for me actually taking my own Life it's pretty serious stuff you know, taking your own Life so can I say one thing here? and that is that: It's not worth committing suicide, really because, whether kill yourself your stuff that you have experienced for the reason and purpose to kill yourself won't go away so there is no god damn out- door out or exit or releasing in this existence not alcohol, not drugs not even ~ death when you die you deal with the shit you allowed and accepted to experience here on earth what else? so, excuse me if I sound a bit confused, I am some kind of gaining my feet in terms of what's going on but I know that- things are changing it doesn't look like it but it is and it will ok I'm not a profound being or anythings I don't have anythings important as advice to give or anything like that I never should give advice oh I did on the committing suicide thing according to my experience really- if you kill yourself , you're still sit with the shit that you die can you believe it? so you really don't die, you face yourself I am grateful for that, you know it's strange I am really grateful for the fact that I can understand, what the hell I was- on earth and that I, actually have the power sort it out I mean that is an amazing experience, really is that- is that realization- gave me that step and motivation towards going on that I am able to do it myself, and that I am able to do it for myself you know, there is not anything anyone else I have to wait for to do it by rules or anything else it all- it exists of self-honesty and forgiveness and that's it that's quite simple so I am getting very in deep here, I think I don't think- think is really just an expression oh I don't even thought of anything when you die you don't think everything is just here instantaneous it's quite fun where I am now still being alive not really dead ok enough of me, this is David and- I killed myself but I am still alive and I still have to carry the shit the reason and the purpose that I killed myself but! I am grateful I am because I am doing that for myself you know I am doing it for me I have never done anything like that before something that brings me back to Life it's like me bringing myself back to Life it's great thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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