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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom - Gaston the Ladybird

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Narrator: Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles

is a Little Kingdom of elves and fairies.

Everyone who lives here is very very small.

Ben: I'm Ben Elf.

Holly: And I'm Princess Holly.

Come on, let's play.

Ben: Wait for us.

Narrator: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Narrator: Today's adventure starts at Gaston's cave.

Ben: Gaston The Ladybird

Holly: Gaston! Are you coming out to play?

Holly: Gaston! Ben: Gaston!

Holly: Come on, let's fly.

Ben: Hey! Wait for us.

Come on Gaston, giddy up, giddy up.


Holly: Can't catch me.

Ben: Yes we can

Ben: Gaston loves fetching sticks.

Ben: Gaston, fetch!

Holly: Here Gaston!

Clever Gaston. Ben: Well done!

Holly: Gaston, do you want to wiggle your legs?

Okay, on to your back...

Ben: Wiggle your legs.

Holly: Gaston loves rolling on his back.

Ben: That's funny!

Nanny Plum: Holly, bedtime!

Holly: Oh! That's Nanny Plum.

I've got to go home now.

Ben: Oh! But we were having such fun...

Holly: Nevermind! We'll meet up again tomorrow.

Ben: Yes!

Ben's Mom: Ben, bedtime!

Ben: Oh! That's my mom.

Holly: Bye Ben. Bye Gaston. Ben: Bye Holly. Bye Gaston, see you tomorrow.

Holly: Ben! Gaston!

Ben: Holly! Gaston!

Ben: Hi Holly. Holly: Hi Ben.

Ben: Where's Gaston? Holly: He hasn't turned up yet.

Ben: Oh, let's go and find him. Holly: Okay.

Holly: Gaston! Are you coming out to play?

Holly: Gaston!

Ben: Gaston is not answering. Holly: Oh... Maybe we've upset him.

Ben: But we have such fun together. Holly: Yes!

Holly: Like when I kick him over and he wiggles his feet.

Ben: And when I ride on his back.

Holly: But, do you think Gaston enjoys it?

Ben: Hmm... Perhaps he doesn't.

Holly: Maybe Gaston's sad. And that's why he won't come out to play.

Ben: Oh dear! What can we do?

Holly: Nanny Plum will know what to do.

She knows everything about Ladybird's. Ben: Good idea.

Holly: Nanny Plum! Gaston the ladybird is not happy.

Nanny Plum: Hmm. Ladybird's are never happy.

Ben: But Gaston is our best friend!

Holly: Can you do something?

Holly: Please Nanny Plum, please! Ben: Please Nanny Plum, please!

Nanny Plum: Oh alright. I'll see what I can do.

Holly: Thanks Nanny.

Ben: This is Gaston's cave.

Nanny Plum: And what sort of insect is Gaston?

Holly: He's a Ladybird. Nanny Plum: Oh yes...

Now let's think. What's Ladybird for hello?

Holly: Oh look! The door is open.

Nanny Plum: We better take a look inside.

Holly: Gaston's not here. Ben: He's gone off somewhere to be sad.

Nanny Plum: Eww. No wonder Gaston is sad.

No one could be happy in such

a messy, smelly cave.

Chop chop, we need to clean this cave up

before the Ladybird returns.

Holly: Yes! That will be a nice surprise. Ben: And Gaston will be happy again.

Nanny Plum: First, we need my cleaning things.

Abra-ca-de Abra-ca-dop

brushing duster, soap, and mop.

Holly, you dust the cobwebs. Holly: Yes Nanny Plum.

Nanny Plum: Ben, you clean the floor. Ben: Yes Nanny Plum.

Nanny Plum: And I will tackle the bed.

Nanny Plum: This bed is filthy!

Look at all this stuff...

Old food, comics, lollipops, smelly socks.


Bish, bosh, bash. Dust off bed, nice and fresh.


Now just a final polish and we're done.

Holly: Ooh Ben: Ooh

Ben: Hooray! Holly: Hooray!

Ben: Quick! Gaston's coming.

Holly: Gaston!

We've come to cheer you up.

Ben: We don't like it when you're sad.

Holly: We're really sorry about rolling you over. Ben: And riding on your back.

Holly: What's he saying Nanny?

Nanny Plum: Ooh.

Gaston says he likes it when you roll him over and ride on his back.

Holly: Oh. Ben: Oh.

Nanny Plum: Gaston is not sad.

In fact, he's very happy.

Well, you're going to be even happier now.

Take a look at your cave.

Holly: Gaston!

Nanny Plum: As I said, Ladybird's are never happy.

Holly: Gaston, what's wrong?

Nanny Plum: Oh dear... Holly: Nanny, what did he say?

Nanny Plum: He said he loved his home

just as it was. All messy and smelly.

Holly: Oh! Sorry Gaston. Ben: Don't worry...

We'll make it just the way you like it.

Holly: Yes!

We're very good at making things messy.

Ben: This is fun!

Holly: A cobweb here, a cobweb there.


Nanny Plum: Zip, zap, zeffy...

Gaston's bed, nice and messy.

Holly: Smelly socks... Ben: And lollipops...

Nanny Plum: Good.

Now just a final layer of dirt.

And we're done.

Well done everybody. That smells just as bad as it did before.

Ben: Hooray! Holly: Hooray!

Holly: And if you ever want us to make your cave untidy again Gaston,

don't be afraid to ask. Ben: Yes!

That's what friends are for.

Holly: Come on, let's play.

Ben: Hey! Wait for us.

Come on Gaston. Giddy up, giddy up.

Ben: Yee-ha Holly: Can't catch me...

Ben: Yes we can...

Holly: Gaston!

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Posted by: asiaw2906 on Feb 26, 2012

Holly and Ben think Gaston the Ladybird is sad so they try and cheer him up by tidying his cave. But Gaston liked his cave just as it was all messy and untidy. Ben and Holly cheer Gaston up by making his cave all messy again.

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