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PEACE Pill ® [This's what you need!] -2- ( call to prayer || adhan )

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Duration: 2 minutes and 34 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: dmjeed on Mar 23, 2013

- Hamad Al-dagriri callling for prayer from Al-rajahi mosque in Riyadh.
- God is 'Allah' in Arabic language.
- Calling to prayer is five times a day and night.
- After calling to prayer, there are almost ten minutes and then the prayer be held.
- The first person called to prayer in Islam is the companion Bilal bin Rabah, may Allah(god) be pleased with him, in 622 AD. Since then, It's been called to prayer with the same words.
- when the child is born, It's from sunnah ( actions of the prophet Muhammad PBUH) that you do adhan at the child ear, but make sure that you lower your voice. :)

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