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Rahul Sagwal NTU IGS ERIAN

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Hi everyone, I'm Rahul Sagwal I have recently completed M.Tech. in Renewable Energy Systems from School of Renewable Energy & Efficiency, NIT Kurukshetra, India I am recording this video as application process for IGS, NTU, Singapore I have always been passionate about pursuing a research career in Power Engineering and especially focusing on Renewable Energy Sources. So, as a first step, I have already completed M.Tech. in Renewable Energy Systems that too with very good academic records and good publications, their detail can be found in my CV. In my M.Tech. Dissertation I worked upon a project titled "Impact of Renewable Energy Sources for Congestion Management in Deregulated Electricity Markets" I believe, stability of the power grid is of utmost importance for the growth of any economy and considering this, I devised a Voltage Stability Margin based approach for optimization of congestion model. For this purpose, I studied the Congestion Management in two types of scenarios i.e. one in Pool electricity market and another one is Bilateral electricity market. The main objective of this study was to analyze the impact of Renewable Energy Sources on Congestion Management so, for that purpose, I modeled wind power as probabilistic model and hydropower also was included in the model and to make the model even more realistic I considered 24 hour variation of load in various seasons which included winter, summer, fall and spring seasons. And, also analyzed the impact of other strategies for congestion removal like Demand Response techniques and use of FACT devices and found their results very promising. Having done this rigorous groundwork, I believe, I am ready to pursue doctorate at NTU. NTU enjoys a very unparalleled position, especially in Electrical Engineering in the whole world. And the research that is going on, related to smart grids, at Energy Research Institute that very much fascinates me and with its idyllic research facilities I believe [email protected] would be a very nice platform for me and in my prospective studies, I plan to work on areas like stability of Smart Grid and Smart Grid optimization & control; while exploring Demand Response and optimal strategies for use of storage. I plan to fortify my knowledge at NTU, at [email protected] and envision myself as pursuing a lifelong research and academics career Thanks for the consideration, I hope to receive a positive response to my application. Thank You.

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Posted by: rahulsagwal on Jan 29, 2017

Self-introductory video; made for doctorate application in Interdisciplinary Graduate School (IGS) particularly in Energy Research Institute ([email protected]), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

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