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I hope you all enjoyed this very special presentation, Damn it! Why are you using the kotatsu out in this heat? Hello Darling! I'm back Lum, where have you been all this time? I was with Ten on Oyuki's ship. In the ship it is not so hot. What is that Lum? It is a wind-chime. Wind-chime? It is a natural air conditioner. It is from Neptune But who asked you to get that? I went and got it just for you. If you do not like it then too bad for you. If that's so then you went through all that trouble for nothing. Darling! Darling you idiot! Urusei Yatsura The Obstacle course swim meet Aah, so refreshing I can't believe it. It's free, right? The wind-chime's free, right? Oh lord we thank you. Hey Lum. Are you going swimming tomorrow? Yes, there's a swim meet tomorrow at school. Hey Darling Should I wear a bikini or a one piece? I don't care. Pick one. You'd look dull anyways. Besides, I don't like the sound of it: Obstacle Course Swim Meet. Jariten Give me that! Oh, so it will be hot outside today too. Yeah, don't you think? Ran! Shinobu! Ataru... Good Morning, Darling Hey, let's go on a date, all three of us? Ataru, you behave just like a monkey. Oh Darling. I get angry every time he does that. Hey Lum Good morn... �ahhhhh! Why Me? Damn it! I could have gone to that swim meet! Ryuunosuke! You can still go if you wear this swimsuit that I bought you. I'm a woman you bastard! I am going hurt you So they are at it again� Okay, now you all sit down. Today's the Obstacle course swim meet. It's going to be fun? Yeah right You don't want to do it? Whoever wins will not have to do homework for the rest of the year. What? Is this true? Let's swim! Why didn't you say that sooner? Eh, what? Why are we in the gym? Ok! Everyone listen. To get to the pool you'll have to go through a series of obstacles, following this route. You start in the gym, then go through the school and the grounds, and finally the end in the pool. What the hell? Ha ha, you cannot refuse or rather ... whoever dares to refuse to participate in the competition... will have to do five years worth of homework on your vacation. That's cruel That's extortion. 3� 2� 1� Start! Move. Everybody run! Help me. What your hands! Pervert! Darling! Where are you? You won't get away with this bitch! Take that! Die! You know? They sure are exited aren't they I suppose so. This is a lot of work for a nurse. Now I have to go around and fix all of these... Oh well. It looks half of these students are already out at the start. Damn. I have to win this! Why do you have to insist on making me wear those? You are a man. So you have to wear manly swimwear. Damn you! I am a woman! What's this? The first obstacle maybe? Throwing furniture at us? Now's our chance let's go! Everyone, Wait! If we wait here for a second they'll stop! And how do you know that? Don't you know? Ryuu's family is dirt poor. They've already run out of furniture to throw at each other. Now they are tearing up the floor to throw at each other. This means they got nothing left to throw at us. Everyone! Let's go! I swear this is the last! Gee, I'm sorry that we're so poor. I'm sorry. Damn you! Careful miss Shinobu. Let's go. Take that Help! I'm claustrophobic! Good, now's our chance. I can't climb up. I'm stuck! Do not forget to jump.. Then overcome. More to add to the list of injured. Big sister Sakura Oh Ten. What are you, Kotatsuneko and uncle doing here? We're here to watch the obstacle course swim meet. I do not suggest doing that. Things are getting dangerous around here. Hm... That's a bad omen. How are you doing Sakura? Why! Why are things like this? Damn you men! Move! Out of my way! What's this I'm stuck! Darling Where are you? Darling? Let's go! We got to hurry! Ataru you cheater! We're stuck! That's what you get for cheating Ataru! Just stay right there. Hey! wait a bit Don't worry miss Lum. I will save you! You going to cut her down? Yes... I am awesome. Hey, would it have killed you to cut me loose too? Oh, I'll cut you down if you insist Moroboshi! You look like you want to cut more than tapes. Nothing would make me happier. Wait Mendou! Miss Shinobu! Don't stop me! Don't hurt him. But we may never get a chance like this again. Larva-boy attack! The terror isn't over! Take This! Lethal spider web! Get off me! You're disgusting! Got yourself into another sticky situation. Couldn't you at least tell me to "stick" to it? Let's go! No more homework! Let's go! No more homework! Damn! I thought so ... Let's break out! I do not like making a private grudge public. Me neither. Morobosi Mendou You bastard! This looks more like a circus than a swim meet. Ryuunosuke Wait! Where do you think you are going... without your swim suit? Shaddup! And stop your stupid shit! I got you this time with a swim suit swiped from our store! Ingrate, when did you... See boy! Even the heavens are against you! I AM.. A WOMAN! Ryuunosukeeeee! Vaulting horses, pretty easy for the final obstacle... Or not! Ruuun! Up here! Save yourself! What's this? Only one of them is right. Hurry and pick one! I'm getting sick! I'm done... What's this? What's going on? Hey Lum! Fly me to the pool! Only if you take me out on a date! What are you talking about? Now is not the time for this! Well then, suit yourself. Hold up! Wait a sec Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me! Help Me Help Me! Help Me! Help Help Help! Only if you go a date with me! No! Never! Darling you idiot! Hey Lum! I'm falling! I'm falling! I'm falling! If this goes well.. I'll make it! Gonna make it! I made it! Ahh!! Get your hands off pervert! You're hopeless. So, they made it... Hey, how's it going Lum? What happened here? The Wind-chimes. So cold! The wind chimes seem to have taken root here. Lum what did you do? They seemed to have grown quite well here. You all have done extremely well... now to the swimming part of our competition. And instead of no homework, the winner will receive... A kiss from the principal! It's a kiss of blessing. It's a great honor. What's wrong everyone? You're not your usual energetic selves. Idiot! Who in the hell would want a kiss from that dried up old geezer? Here First Event! Water Polo! Yeah, like we'll actually play. Interested in a friendly game of catch? By the way.. if the ball does not get in the basket after 3 minutes.. It explodes! So pay attention. This crazy! New Ball! It's good! Its score... What was that? Oh yeah, sometimes the ball will just explode. So pay attention! Everyone's having so much fun. This is the springtime of your youth. Your teacher is so proud... SHADDUP! They look like they are having fun. Yes indeed. They are doing their best. Let's see how you like this! Take that! We'll see about that! A perverted octopus! Alright! Now's the chance to escape! I guess every bomb has a silver lining. ooh Miss Sakura How about a get-well kiss for an injured student? If you're good enough to think about that.. Get back to the pool and fight! Hey babe. Let's be friends! Let's all go on a date! Darling! You idiot! What happened? Oh? What happened? Lum. What's this? I'll just lie here and pretend to be out cold. That should get me out of this competition. I never realized my own mortality before today. Lum I guess I won't get to pay you back. Never even got to wear a swimsuit, maybe it's for the best. I guess this is the end. EVERYONE! Wake up! Wake up , wake up, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It looks my kiss will go to the young miss Lum. It seems there are still six finalists. I'm glad you made it this far. I'll be truly glad to bestow my kiss upon the final winner. Well, that's the last of them. Let's go Oyuki, I want to see what everyone is up to. Let's go then. We've finally come to overthrow you! You guys... You are? I'm Rainbow Sugar of the girl gang trio! I'm Buddha Ginger, in the same gang as her! I'm Pepper the Viper, I am in the same gang as them! Now! The next event: Speed Competition! Now the first to reach this is the winner! 3,2,1 GO! They're playing dirty tricks on us again. What are they trying to make us do? lil' Ran is scared! Damn it! Hey Darling, would you go on a date with me if I win? Oh is that what you think? I have no intention of doing so. Why aren't they doing anything? Perhaps there is a lack of motivation. But that can be fixed. What is that? It's dark! It's cramped! I'm really scared! Hang on Mendou. We'll get you out of there! I'm perfectly fine. You don't have to worry about me. Are you sure about that? Hurry up and move. Otherwise the snakes will get you. Whatever, I just have to get out so they can't follow. Oh, I forgot to mention something. The rope-floats will explode if you touch them. You should have said that earlier Damn you! I hate snakes! Lil' Ran is scared! I can't use lightning like that again. LUM! Let go! Let go! Let go! LUM! Let go of her you beast! LUM! Hey! What are you doing? Be more careful next time! Darling! Hold-it! Shut up, you don't scare anyone You idiot take this! What the hell? What is happening here? My God! My dear big brother is in trouble! Calling all forces! Help my brother at all costs! Understood! Hold-it! Ryoko! stop it this instant! I'm so sad. I did my best for big brother. Oh well, let's go elsewhere. Tis fate. Yeah! I'm having fun. I can't believe we lost! Serves you well bastards! With this I win. I must... This! Take it! I'm .... tired. It.. is not mine! Lum Darling Where could it have gone? What? Who'd thought this would happen? It's all your fault. It's too much for me alone. Oh? What's this? We've got ourselves a winner! Now for your prize.. What was that? It was just.. A kiss in the hand.. I'm glad everything ended well. Yes, but a little frozen ... Hey Darling. How do you like our date? Who cares about a date. I'm looking for cute girls in yukatas. You promised me a date if I helped you. When did I ever ask for help? I said I'm not going out with you. So pretty. Hey girls. Nice yukatas. Want to watch the fireworks with me? Darling you.. Darling you idiot. Darling!

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