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The Circus Project - behind the scenes

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Erin, do you want to do an interview now? ok Behind the Scenes with the Circus Project My name is Erin Gerero, and I've been in the Circus Project almost a year now. My name is Nicollete Render. Patriana de la Rocha. My name is Jessica Dennis. I've been in the Circus Project since the end of last November. and I've been a member of the Circus Project for nine months. Nine months. This is my baby. When I first told my family that I was joining The Circus I think they were happy for me. I think they pretended to be shocked. "So you actually ran away and joined the circus?" "That's a good job, dear." "Have you joined the circus?" Well I didn't really run away so much. I actually just realized that I was in The Circus a couple of months ago, which is like a 7-month deficit, but I'm getting there. I'm pretty sure they could all like just safely assume that this all was gonna happen someday. Something weird - off the wall - like The Circus. I said - among other things - "I am a trapeze artist". And after I said that, I thought to myself, "Why are you lying to the woman who's cutting your hair? Don't say things like that!" And then I realized, no, I am actually in a circus. I'm actually in a circus... Wait, I'm in a circus! Before starting the Circus Project, I had a really bad record for sticking with things. I was a quitter. I used to be a quitter. There were many times, early on in our training that I wanted to quit. I didn't think that I could continue. There are days when I wake up, and I'm like: "Oh gosh, I don't wanna go.." I realized that the things that were making me miserable in Circus were also making me miserable in life. And if I quit, I'm still miserable. AND not in The Circus. The Circus Project has affected me physically, in as much as my body has completely changed. My body has changed. I never imagined that I would have... ...muscles... ...big cottons... I got strong. Well, my arms have gotten bigger. My mom would go, "Whoa! Look at all these circus muscles!" I used to think of my body as rather stagnant. As something that needed to wear clothes, or stand in the right place for a picture. And now I know that my body has a purpose. It has helped me overcome a lot of body image issues, I find. It's been good for my health, because it's taking a more proactive stance and making sure that I'm healthy. To be able to do the splits, and be that close from touching the ground - it's a big accomplishment. One of the reasons you can tell that you've been "circussed" is if your back bends further backwards than forwards. You are covered in bruises. All the time. Everywhere. I think I had a bruise that went from here to here. For bruises. Definitely the bruises. I have really awful hands. Callouses! Calloused. I feel like, "oh no, don't shake my hand, it's really calloused and"...yeah. [inaudible] soft and nice hands. They say, "What's that suit? I really like that suit" I go, "This is a unitard." They go, "Why do you wear that?" I say, "Cause I'm in The Circus". The Circus Project has definitely changed my perspective on pain. I've learned about good pain and bad pain. Before, pain was something bad, because - you know - I fell... It really is true, what they say about "no pain, no gain". It made me aware that I need to listen to pain. Because it is very very dangerous for me if I ignore pain. Not all pain is bad and that, sometimes, discomfort is part of the process. Just with The Circus, there's some pain that comes along with it. But it's important to acknowledge that pain, and deal with it effectively. Performing aerially is very engaging. It's very epic, I feel like. Trying to keep the character, trying to keep the form, trying to keep all the sense of performance full, desperately trying to just be able to do what you're doing... Your body has to be very much "on". but... it can be quite dangerous to think too much. It's a whole different experience. It...just feels right. It's like I'm reaching for the best thing that I ever could get. The Circus Project has completely changed the way I care for myself. I basically gave up my right to partying really hard. I have to take care of myself. And I have to eat well. And I have to get enough sleep. And I certainly can't misbehave as much as I used to. I can't drink six nights a week, and then expect to come into rehearsal and be like "yeah, I can totally do this". I can't hold myself to the same standards that I used to. Like eating junk food 24/7, and be like "no, it's totally ok", you know, "at least I'm eating something". I have to take care of myself. ...I'm sure there's grain in there, somewhere. The things I was doing before I came here.... wooh... Really nothing special. I'd be partying too hard. I mean, who knows what I'd be doing? Party-ing!!! I used to go out a lot. The Circus Project made me who I want to be. Which is not to say that I always wanted to be a trapeze artist. But, I always wanted to be strong. The Circus is like my safe space that just gives me something productive and healthy to do. I wanted to be really capable, and all those qualities are qualities that I got by joining the Circus. And it saved my life. My whole life. I would be so sick. And I was so sick, before I came here Video: Nocolette Render / Music: Lion

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