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Message du CEPD à l'occasion de la Journée de la protection des données 2010

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Hello I´m Peter Hustinx European Data Protection Supervisor and I am Giovanni Buttarelli Assistant EDPS The EDPS is an Independent Supervisor Autorithy it is our task to insure that european institutions and bodies comply with role on privacy on data protection. that are similar to those in the member states. we also advice the european comission , the council and the European Parlament on new legislation and other activities that may be relevant to the protection of personal data. Our society and institutions increasingly depends on the use of information. and comunication technologies in all fields of live. The growing use of personal data effects ours all it is therefore essential that everyones fundamental right to privacy and data protection. are properly respected in practice. both rights are lay down in the European Chart of Fundamental Rights. and the Lisbon Treaty This is why european and national laws, provide garanties for individuals those who are responsible for processing personal data must be aware of their obligation and fully comply with then Personal data may only be used if it is necessary. for especific and legitimed purpose. and in a proper manner. in adition security measures must be adopted. and all other required safeguards must be respected. Is is also important that the person whose data are procesed are aware of their rights. Those rights include the rights to be inform about data processing. to have acces to their data and to correct then where necessary Every year, in January. a special day is organized the data proteccion day to rise the ¿warnes? of this rights and obligation. we want to use this oportunity to to stress again the importance of privacy and data protection. This exercise is also part of our ongoing cooperation with the data protection officer of ... to the all intitutions and bodies as well as with national data protection authorities. This year we have importants challenges and oportunities ahead of us. first , we must be aware that privacy is the precondition for many other fundamental rights second we must increase efforts. to raise awareness that everyone will be affected by ..... for privacy and data proteccion in his or her daily live. third , we should resist the temptation to accept easy solutions for problems that will reduce privacy and data protection and fourth, we should invest in improving the legal frameworks for data protection in order to make them more comprehensive and more effective in practice. The European Data Protection authorities. have replies to this challenge with a contribution on the future of privacy. which is avaliable on the European Comission Website. we encourage the new comision, the council and the parlament. to develop convincing new initiatives. for more effective data protection. which reflect the challenges of the new technologies. and the global economy. thank you for watching.

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Posted by: manuelcardona on Jan 28, 2010

Message du CEPD à l'occasion de la Journée de la protection des données 2010

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