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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~17:14:38 - 17:41:00

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- To get a job. - Are you going to practice some more? Yes. - How much practice do you have in mind? - First we’ll have some gigs. - That’s good. That’s also practice. - Just to play out a bit, and then we’ll see. - And after that, in the studio. - Yes. - Which bass will you play? - I’ll change them, bass, prim... - You’ll play the prim too? - That’s our deal, to sit, the three of us, and around us will be the instruments. - Yes, yes. - And what are you playing? - It depends what you get hold of. - And what do you play? Bass? - Bass, and prim bass, and prim and so on, depends on what we need. - Great. - And it’s the same for this guy who plays the guitar? - What’s his name? - Nemanja Bogunovic. - Nemanja Bogunovic. Who is he? Is he a musician? Academy-trained? - He was at Mirko Cvetkovic’s for drinks, for coffee. - For a coffee? At Mirko Cvetkovic’s everyone is some kind of a musician. OK. - I’m gone. Come on Ljubinko, hit it! So we can hear something. - I can’t. - Come on. - I can’t, I’ve been playing the whole day. - Ljubinko, I haven’t heard you play for a long time! (wife singing) - Ljubinko, I’ll get a dish washer for myself and put it here. - Aha. - And I’ll do it tomorrow. - What about over there? - There is one already. I’ll take that out. I’ll take out these drawers, and put them in the pantry and I’ll have enough room for the dish washer. - I don’t know. - Well come and see for yourself. - OK. - I’m going to the 'Ranger'. Dad, I’m going to the 'Ranger'. - OK. - Did Milos feed the fish? - I did. - Ljubinko? - Yes? - Who invited Zoran over here? - Why are you asking? - He’s a good man, hardworking, man of many accomplishments. - He drank, too. Indeed. - He drank too? He was so sweet when he was a boy! Whose is he? - He’s from the Kocijasevic family. -Which Kocijasevic? - You know who Pujta is? - No. - You don’t? (phone ringing) - I’ve heard of him. - He's his... - Hello? ... It’s me. ... He left. Yes. Bye. - Who was that? - Helena. - Why didn’t you congratulate her? It’s her St. Patron’s Day. - Which one? - Well her St. Patron’s Day, Lazar’s Saturday, is today. - How come when she’s Croatian? - Well her mother celebrates it. - That doesn’t count. - How come it doesn’t? - It would be the same as if I celebrated St. Nicolas. That doesn’t count. - OK, and the fact that I gave birth to you doesn’t count either! - Oh, come on. - Ljubinko, play something. - Ah, I’ve been playing the whole day. - Please honey! (phone ringing) - Hello? ... It’s me. Rasa, I called you. ... Aha. Yes, yes. ... Do you have time? I’m free till 7.30 pm. ... OK. OK. Alright. ... Come. ... OK. Bye, bye. - Grandma! (whispering) - I don’t know how much I’ll bring from there. - Six, no, seven. - Grandma. - “Grandma.” I have the best life. - Just enjoy! - The best life. - Mum, please come I’d like to ask you for something. Be so kind. - Grandma is coming, wait. - Where did she go? - She’s in the pantry. - Please go and throw away this salad. - To throw it? - Yes. (coughs) - Throw this, too. (incomprehensible) - Ljubinko, are you going to Mina’s tonight? - Yes. - Son, do you know what ‘jeola’ is? What? - ‘Jeola’? - No. - Tonight is ‘jeola’. Lazar’s Saturday. - And what’s that? - The fire is started and then they jump over. The young gather around the fire, make popcorn, and the swath is brought from the house. Then it’s piled up and people sit and start the fire, and they take the pot. - And what happened on the green-market today? With the teacher? - Yes, listen. I’m going to tell you everything. Listen now. I met your teacher Nena. - On the market? - Yes. - She’s here? - Yes. And I asked about Milica, what it’s like for her when she’s alone. And how’s Sveta and their children, blah-blah. .And at that moment Nada came. ‘Oh, teacher, how are you?’ So now I’m standing with Nada and Nena. And I’m chirping with Nada and she asks ‘How’s the student?’ Nena says she’s been reading a lot about you. (coughs) She liked it very much. And she says she read in the papers, saw one of your concerts on TV, And she doesn’t understand what ‘basiona’ is. And we talked about the quartet and stuff. And then Nata came and told me ‘Hi! How are you?’ I told her that this was firstly my teacher and than Ljubinko's. And now I didn’t mention anything when Vesna’s mother came. - She didn’t know. - And she was taking Marina by the hand. - And she said ‘Your children are meeting tomorrow night to celebrate fifteen years since their primary school.’ Nada said ‘They’re not. Nobody called me.’ She said it couldn’t go on without her. Nena said maybe you as children wanted to meet on your own. Nena gets it, but Nada doesn’t. I said I really didn’t know anything about it. Then she asked when this was going to take place, and I said the next day. Nada said it can’t happen on the Catholic Easter, people couldn’t come. - Who wouldn’t come? - Well I don’t know who, I just stood looking at her, what difference does Catholic Easter make, when all of you are Orthodox. - Yes. - So that was the conversation. Rajka said you wouldn’t gather without inviting your teachers, why would you organize it without your teacher and class-master? - Yes. - She said you would take at least two bouquets of flowers. - Did you call the people? What are you going to do? - I’ll call them tonight. - How will you do it tonight when it’s too late? So they can make plans. (cell phone ringing) - Hello? ... Who is it? Where are you man? ... Here. I don’t know what you’re doing. Yeah? Are you coming? Hah. Damn it. ... Yes, yes. You’re going to work. OK. And when is this third shift? And where's that firm? Then come at 8PM and have two drinks and leave at 10.30PM. Get it? You know? Just show up! You don’t have to pay for anything. Come. Just show up, have a couple of juices and leave. Come, show up! Come and stay an hour, it doesn’t matter. What then? Well, you start working at 9.30PM. Come at 8PM, it doesn’t matter. How? Come at 7PM. I’ll be there from 7PM. Yes. Then come at 7PM and it's all agreed. So, come at 7PM and when you need to leave, leave and that’s it. That’s the best way. Like that. You say you have to go to work, the third shift, what can I do! I saw you all, you’re all great and goodbye. What can you do. Yes they did. Yes, yes. I don’t know either what it is. Yes, yes. - Ljubinko, have you found the music? - Yes, yes. OK. Nothing. - Mum, are there any glasses outside? - I don’t know. - Then if you have to, go; but come at 7PM. Come at 7PM, and leave at 9:30PM and that’s it. We are going to stay till 11PM. What kind of gathering do you think this is? You know? Yes, OK. OK. See you. Bye. - Who was that? - Simeta. - Who? - Simeta Krmet. - I don’t know who that is. - Leave it then. - Did you speak German with him? - And what, you need to give them instructions on their behavior? Where are you? You didn’t come today, God forbid. Ha? Hey, I have to tell the teacher and the class master. Today at the green-market Rajka met them and asked if they were getting ready. And they asked what for. And she told them we were organizing the prom. And they were surprised we didn’t invite them and thought we were angry or something. So now I have to go. If I don’t go now, it’s over. And when are you coming? ... Let’s go together then. Ah… Jesus! Well. OK. I’m going. I’m gone. OK. Bye - Ljubinko? - Where have you been? I called, I thought what’s with Rasa, he must be in the workshop. Don’t take off your shoes. -I will. Hold this for me, will you? - We’re going upstairs to my room. -Ljubinko, whole day we were making the box. And look at this, how I got burnt and I’ll have problems tonight. –You have to put something on it. - I have a mask. - Well, we had a mask, but I was helping and the man was welding himself. And as I held it, it just… I didn’t even see it, but look at it now. - Ah, Rasa, it’s serious! - Put, put something on it. Let me get you Pavlovic cream! -No, I'll do it later, I have it at home. - Right now, right now. - Rasa, what happened? - We were welding today, Dule, making the cage. And I was helping a colleague and I held it, he had the mask. I held it so it would be precise, and I looked at it, and again and look at it now. - Wait, and your eyes? - No, it’s OK, it’s not bad. - Put some honey on it. - Yes, honey, honey. - Take honey and spread it. - Spread it good. - Ljubinko, we were doing it the whole day! - I thought you must be in your workshop and I remembered... - Take this with honey. (incomprehensible) (water flushing) (coughing) (blow-dryer) - Wipe it. (coughing) - The kitchen is closing, it’s not working anymore. (blow-dryer) (voices in the background) (coughing) (music from the radio)

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