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2009 Large Family Business Award

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We started from the ground up, literally. With a just- Go ahead. Crawler tractor. But yeah we just started, financed our first piece of equipment. Started looking for projects and meeting people, building relationships, and built our book of business if you will. I would say that we were very probably the most unlikely people ever to find ourselves in this position other than that we have followed the cues. And we have been very graciously blessed with mentors, people that we could watch that were successful in life. In life, not necessarily financially, but in life. From the time we were able to be helpful on the job doing things like picking up rocks on the final grade of a project, or eventually flagging. I think all of us girls at least got a chance and learned the value of a paycheck the effort that went into it. The group that's here is- They value each others' opinions so much and we can about what each other feels and their independent views to the point where we have respect in decisions like that, the tough decisions, are made easily with caring and with love and compassion between us. It makes it a real good experience. So for my perspective, why I continue to do it, is because I really enjoy working with the people in the family that we have. Very important to know that the family comes first. And I think that when, as Mark just commented, you put each of us when we put each other first that follows and carries on through to the business. And why you definitely, yes want to see the business continue. And that is our goal. But I think it's very important to know that it's because we have been taught the family values, and that's what enables the business to continue only as it has. Each of the kids has been through a circumstance where we had to miss an event or miss a family vacation or something that was a sacrifice for our immediate family, for the good of the whole family. And we try not to do that obviously anymore than we need to because the family is important as well. But I think it's important that the kids see sacrifice for the benefit of the family business. There will be a point in the day when we'll see oh it's two o'clock we need to pray for grandpa and Uncle John and dad for this job and if we're supposed to get it, you know, that's what's going to happen. And there's times when our son has gotten up in the morning and walked down the stairs and said, "Hey dad how did that bid go yesterday". And so they see the blood, the sweat, the tears and then they also see the joys and the successes. So I think that's definitely preparing them for leadership. In the end if you're successful, whether the business wins or loses, you'll still be a family. And you'll still need to get along at Thanksgiving. Winning the award helped us, helped me to remember to focus on the important things that actually see you through the tougher times, and get you to where you need to be in business. It was very meaningful and like John said, it just kind of raised the bar on how humble we need to be as well as what our responsibilities are. And how we need to make sure that we are giving back to our community, to our industry, to other families, and making sure that the opportunities are there.

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Posted by: umarket on Feb 16, 2010

The Austin Family Business Program awards the Large Family Business of the Year Award to James W. Fowler Co. for 2009

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