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Kinross Chair - Edit 3

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The Kinross Knowledge Exchange Chair in Environmental Governance has supported three Chairs to date. The whole intent here was to identify professionals who would come to campus for just one semester every couple of years, and share with students their professional experiences. Really, it's about bringing experience from the world outside academia, to plug and play across the university, on issues of environmental leadership and sustainability. And, so, that's what I work to do over my time here. My name is Samantha Casey, and I am a graduate from the Environment of Governance Program at the University of Guelph. It definitely benefited my education. I think, mentorship, especially in your, like, senior year of a university degree, is, like, crucial, because you start thinking about, what's next? And, how do I get there? And, what should I be looking into? What shouldn't I do? And, Mary was really that guiding force. This is essential, because students are trying to understand the multiplicity of ways in which societies grapple with environmental issues, and try to address them. Every day, I was working on, what events could we organize? We ended up-- I proposed doing three. We did 15. The Knowledge Exchange Chair's also enabled experiential-learning opportunities for students. Leading a group of 15 students to a field course in Ottawa, to meet with some of their key contacts. The Ottawa field trip was an incredible experience. They met with people across all parties. So, they met CEOs. They met very senior people. They were surprised that no matter where you find yourself, in this world, there are leaders out there, who really are reaching as far as they can. We opened up conversations across campus. So, I could very quickly start developing a network, of researchers, professors, staff, from the President's office to the people that we're working with, the Food Services folks. It's also had an impact on faculty in terms of enabling new research opportunities, new partnerships that have been funded by the Federal Government. It's also had the benefit of growing reputation of the Environmental Governance Program, nationally and to some degree, internationally. I'm so incredibly thankful. I cannot get over how much Mary helped me. She really, like, showed me, kind of like different paths I could take, and help me go through that, and I think that's just such a priceless experience. It's like, you really can't put a value on that. This role was much, much more than I envisioned coming into it. I also learned so much from the students. I really felt like I was working with the environmental leaders of tomorrow. Thank you so much Kinross Gold for this opportunity. It really changed the course of my life, and it was such an incredible experience. Thank you Kinross Gold for sponsoring the Environmental Governance Knowledge Chair at the University as well. It's been hugely impactful and very rewarding to get that kind of recognition from a company like you. Thank you, merci, konnichiwa

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Kinross Chair - Edit 3

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