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Moshe Rabinu

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Welcome to the anniversary of Moses -- Moshe Rabbeinu A very special cosmic event - the seventh day of the month of Pisces and as Rav Berg was always teachcing us -- there are special events in the universe, in the cosmos that we really want to take advantage of It's a great opportunity to connect to this high, amazing soul of Moses that is considered to be the highest of all the prophets -- Moses was the highest one. and what we will try to do in the few minutes of this message is to connect to this energy to connect and enhance ourselves, our consciourness, our actions, with support that Moshe Rabbenu is giving us and as you notice, we are located here in the holy city of Safed we know that the northern part of Israel, the Galillee, and specifically this energy center of Safed is connecting us with the energy of "air" and we know it says by the kabbalists that just by breathing the air here by walking on the soil you really connect the higher spiritual level, higher spiritual consciousness and pretty soon we are going to have different trips

different opportunities I hope for you guys to come and to experience for yourself right now we are located with Yoel Rothberg in the place of the burial site of the Rav and also asking for his support on this special date So what's so special about Moses? Is says in the books of Moses, stating about himself in the five books of Moses, in a few places Moses is stating about himself that there is no person more humble than Moses you could say -- Rav Berg always used to say How come -- if a person is so humble -- is he going to testify about himself of his own humility? but the Rab said that actually when Moses was writing these words in the five books of Moses everything he did it was never out of himself or his own ego or place of consciousness of his own importance we knowthat Moses was this pure channel for the light and there is a tremendous lesson that we can learn from Moshe Rabbeinu for ourselves: How to become this channel First of all it has to do with something that you all heard in the first part of our Kabbalah course when we were talking about this concept of the bread of shame of receiving, that if we want to receive we must restrict in reciving we must bring in this element of sharing and caring in other words what is so special about Moshe is that everything that was receiving was was always with consciousness in the sake of sharing meaning that when I receive something if it is honor , if it's food, if it's love if it's anything that I'm receiving I'm receiving it from the creator I'm receiving it from the life force of the creator and I appreciate and we have to remember that the second that we feel entitlement' sometimes we work so hard we make such a great effort to acheive something we work for many year, maybe on a certain project or in certain relationships and when we are acheiving it we feel this fulfillment - we feel -- wow -- we did it. or people tell us -- look you're so amazing look what you did your accomplishment is astonishing and actually these voices this internal voice is telling you wow, you're amazing you got all these amazing compliments it's not just you who know that you went through so much Also people around you are giving you the support that it's actually your accomplishment What is the restriction, what is actually the consciousness of Moses in this case? It is actually to let go to understand that even though I worked so hard still the result was already there we know that the life force was there before before the vessel so when we think that I am working so hard and it's mine now. the results are actually mine the whole point of working, the whole point of effort it's just to create affinity to create affinity with the light but there is one very unique and special thing about Moses that we all should keep in mind and manifest it in our lives this is the idea of giving when we have to give when we are asked to help when we are asked to give of ourselves if it's our time, our dedication, talent, anything usually there are certain areas in which we will make a calculation we will make an account when we're talking about receiving, yes, we would like to receive compliments and we would like to receive recognition and energy and support but when we give, usually this is human nature we will calculate not in all areas, but in certain areas we will have an account, we will think, we will hesitate or maybe after the action we will feel bad and we will say to ourselves Stupid! Why did I give so much? It was too fast I should have thought more and the secret of Moses is that actually in giving we have no limitation and by the way, sometimes giving is to say "no" sometimes giving is to challenge the person it obviously has to do with each and every one of us and each situation to its point but the secret is that when we understand that we are giving as the light the more we can create an affinity with the life force of the creator this is how we will be able to give more and we will find more energy, more power more sustenance, more of everything that we will be able to transmit to more people what Moses eventually accomplished that no one accomplished before him and actually after him is to bring the message of immortality the message of mind over matter the message of this idea that the spark of the creator is not somewhere in the skies but actually the spark of the creator is within each and every one of us and the goal of all humanity is to accomplish and to bring and to nourish this tremendous power of the creator that we should be able to accomplish it in our lives so what is the lesson? what would we like to get today from Moses? These two abilities in receiving appreciation, consciousness and taking permission You know, when I am receiving things, it is not to be taken for granted. to appreceite and to thank and in the same token when I have to give and share and be the cause there is really no limit and sometimes no limit encourages one to confront the person with love saying the right thing that I should say and maybe I have been hesitant to do it I would like to share with you a small section, and obviously there are more parts in the Zohar in the holy book of Zohar that talks about Moshe Rabbeinu this is actually Zohar Terumah it is Volume 11 in the English version it is page 545 verse 888 Later on you'll be able to read it in your own Zohars I'll read it in Aramaic and then I'll read the translation this is how we are going to wrap up all of this {Aramaic} We have learned that Rabbi Shimon said Moses did not die I repeat This is What Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said Moses didn't die If you ask it, it is written "and Moses died there", but from the other side there is a direct contradiction It says in the Book of Deuteroyimy that "Moses died there" and so every place where death is mentioned by the righteous What is death? From our view it is called so but rom the view of those above, to the contrary his life is increased for we have learned that Rabbi Shimon said If all the Holy faith is suspended from one who is perfect death is not attached to him and he doesn't die as it was with Jacob who had complete faith complete certainty therefore Jacob the Patriarch didn't die What is death? As the Zohar is saying or our perception? If we understand that our deeds our consciousness, our love, our energy, our essence is immortal The day of Moshe Rabbeinu we should, we have an opening, we have a door that connects us to immortality What is eventually death? Every time when I am selfish every time when i am reactive, every time that I am afraid about myself. Every time because of my maybe short circuit or negative deeds I feel shame of giving, sharing, or feeling not worthy of a light and sharing and giving I'm bringing this mini-death mini-end into our lives So, on this day we can reboot the system we can use the help of Moshe Rabbeinu to start over, to start again Let's find a project Let's find something or an area that they are really excited about Give and do something Bring the light of the Zohar, of Kabbalah to my country, to my city to Europe, to the world I'm sure if we'll forget for a second everything that happened, all the weaknesses all the nonsense we have in our heads and just focus, sharing limitless without limitation, without fears we'll find ourselves this year together with Moses, and obviously the Rav that definitely did this work of Moses opening Kabbalah, opening the Kabbalah Cener, opening this knowledge to the world. We can do the same and it will be a unique action that only we can do because our uniqueness is not in receiving our uniqueness, what we, on a personal level can give to the world So I wish you an amazing death anniversary Life anniversary of Moshe Rabbeinu All the best, everybody. We'll see you soon.

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Moshe Rabinu

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