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C1L6: Slice Control

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Here is a really great drill to not only practice your line up to the 45 degree angle but to practice your slice and your feel and your touch. Start at the T and go backhand to backhand slice and get very precise on your 45 degree line up. Both of us are lining up very precisely at that 45 degree angle. You go wide, with each shot you go progressively wider. If you line up at the 45 with your hips, and you stretch your racket out slowly the drill is effortless. It should be very effortless. Once you've gone to the backhand side, progressively get back to the center right and then start on the forehand and continue so you have gone the whole gamet. Another great thing about lining up the 45 is the disguise you get. See when you line up to the 45 no one knows if you are going cross court or down the line. The next thing you want to do is line up your hips to the 45 is slowly stretch into the 45 degree angle, see how balanced we are at the 45. Do this very slowly and controlled, now once you've gone wide with a few balls start going back towards the T. You find the only way to do this drill is the right way. So this drill really serves as a lesson. So in slow motion lets take a look at it. See how Paul lines up his hips look at that, see the stripes on his pants lined up to the 45 degree angle and then he extends slowly and precisely into the 45 degree angle and he continues with the edge of his racket until it comes to a follow through naturally. He stays lined up wether he crosses over with his leg or keeps his feet open like here, see this? So it doesn't matter how your feet are position, it matters how your hips are aligned see that stripe on his pants he is facing that net post and that is exactly how you want to be. That left hands holds you there throughout the stroke. See Paul's left hand, as he stretches into the 45 his left hand holds him there. So when done correctly this drill becomes very very effortless. Another great drill you can try if you and your partner are advanced is try to hit the top of the net. Its hard to tell here if we are getting it but keep going for the top of the net. Get shorter and shorter and make the angle more and more severe and try to skim the ball off the top of the net. Its such a great drill for both the forehand and backhand drop shots, slice, feel, touch and not enough players work on their touch game. It also helps every part of your game, learning to line up the 45 and be very precise at that 45 degree line up. Another drill to intensify your focus at the 45 degree angle.

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Dial in your razor sharp slice ground strokes - forehand and backhand.

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