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The Gyroscope

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GYROSCOPE This is a gyroscope. It consists of of a metal wheel mounted on an axel. The wheel and axel spin freely secured in a metal frame. This simple device can behave in the most unexpected ways. The components of this simple mechanism are obvious and it doesn't seem to have any special capabilities. Try to stand it on an end and it falls over. Try to suspend it like this and it drops. Apparently it can't defy gravity. But spin the wheel and all that changes. A string provides a simple way to spin the wheel. The first thing I noticed about the spinning gyroscope is that it resists attempts to change its position. A resisting force appears when I attempt to tilt or rotate the gyro. Now when I stand it on the table top it stays vertical. The spinning wheel is creating a force that holds the gyroscope upright. When the wheel stops, the force disappears and the gyroscope falls. Incredibly, this force will support the gyroscope like this. It appears to be levitating. A spinning gyroscope will balance on a string. You can even lift the gyroscope with a string looped around one end. This interesting behavior is difficult to explain. Physicists have determined that a rotating wheel has angular momentum, similar to the momentum that a stone flying through the air has. To change the direction of the stone requires a force. Similarly, changing the orientation of the rotating wheel requires force. The spinning wheel prefers to stay oriented as it is and will resist any attempt to change that orientation. The fact that the gyroscopes will mantain a particular orientation in space is very useful. In modern aircraft an inertial guidance system uses spinning gyroscopes to monitor and control the orientation of the aircraft. The gyroscope is suspended in a special cage that allows it to maintain its orientation independent of the aircraft's position. If the aircraft roles, electric sensors and contacts connected to the gyro send information to the pilot about the aircraft's orientation. The modern rover explores the surface of Mars using spinning gyroscopes to provide stability and navigational information. This full size robotic helicopter flies without an on board pilot. Gyroscopes provide stability and navigation. Gyroscopes have become essential components of aircrafts, ships, robots, and spacecraft. If you're interested in experimenting with the gyroscope, they were available from online science and hobby retailers. The gyroscope sign music are manufactured by Tedco Manufacturing, in Hagarstown, Indiana. They are identical to toy gyroscopes first manufactured over 90 yrs ago. More science and technology related videos can be found at our website: Follow the project's link.

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The Gyroscope

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