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The design of - Picture Reality Field

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The design of Picture Reality Field Hi this is the design of picture reality field communicating about the picture reality field what is the picture reality field? that the mind consciousness system within and as human beings have been setup according to viewing pictures, now your mind as- which consists of thoughts feelings and emotions thoughts feelings and emotions all consist of pictures, are generated by pictures the mind consciousness system in it's entirety its base programmed foundation consists of pictures let's have a look for instance what you see with you human physical eyes in this world are pictures have a look, have a look around you it's pictures no different than the pictures you see in magazines, story books television media cinemas- storybooks as you page to the pictures these are one dimensional pictures but if you look in this world you see three dimensional pictures now your mind consciousness system within and as your human physical body is connected to you eyes your human physical eyes so- as you see the pictures within the world now, you as a human being is for instance in a room and, there is a bed and a desk and, your bathroom and your dress room and windows which showing nature for instance now your eyes are seeing all these pictures as you see the pictures your mind locks the picture in in a frame work, so every time you shift your eyes it's a specific picture that is locked into your mind so that when you once again return to that same room it's not you are seeing that again it's that your mind has saved that picture you see the first time and thus- for instance now it's not your eyes seeing it, it's your mind seeing that very same picture but that very same picture is here of the room, because it is collectively in this unified consciousness field but all the humanity agree to be there thus human beings what you're seeing in this world is not real yet it is real I understand that it sounds contradictory, but it is not real from the perspective that what you see is not real because it's not a picture but your mind will interpret what you see in this world as pictures what you see in this world of the physical manifested universe is you and this is what human beings have forgotten that what exist on earth, in this physical manifested universe of the stars of the planets, the oceans nature, the human physical body the animals that is of Life, that is who you are this inside here (head) that makes you think experience emotions and feelings it's not who you are so, as you come of ages as a child you start- your mind starts capturing pictures starts saving them inside your mind consciousness system now, then what happen is you start defining you within and as the mind consciousness system as these pictures that your mind has captured, ok? now according to these pictures that your mind has captured you start experiencing yourself as these pictures you start giving these pictures that has been captured by your mind within and as the mind consciousness system Life because as I have been explained, you have a dimensional being which is yourself which incarnated on earth in the center of your human physical body which is the power source for the mind consciousness system within and as human physical body to exist so mind consciousness system uses the Life essence that is you which is the power source for the mind consciousness system uses that power source Life essence which is you to generate and charge yourself with within the physical body so you are like somewhere there suppressed in the center of the being and here is your mind staring to capture pictures as you start growing up catching then you start connecting yourself to these pictures these lines these connective relationships start forming with all the pictures that are captured then what happens is these pictures start becoming alive then what happens is your essence within those pictures starts manifesting in the subconscious mind, transfer to the unconscious mind spread through- within and through out the entire unconscious mind of all of humanity and then- and thus let's say you are in- India and a person from America comes and visit you that person from America will see what you see because, as you were a child, all those pictures that you were growing up started photographically framing it inside your mind consciousness system from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind to the unconscious mind because it went through the unconscious mind all the information was sent through and within and as all of humanity and thus, that person from America will see what you see in India when they come and visit you and that is why everyone in this world sees what everyone else sees it's all within and of the mind and thus it is now proven that human beings are but walking pictures believing and perceiving yourself to be the picture you are seeing in the mirror believing and perceiving what you see as other beings as the pictures that are walking around is really who they are but haven't you realized yet that you are not able to trust one single human being you don't know what's going on inside them thus human beings all you have is yourself all you have is to trust yourself trust you within and as every moment of self-honesty and realize you are not the pictures you see you are- a starting point would be a suggestion to stand within oneness and equality with your human physical body start here stop the mind, you're not the mind human beings think that they see, but you don't, you are blind open your eyes, the only way to do that is stop the mind thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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