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What is SearchCenter

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[ADOBE TRAINING SERVICES For Omniture techonology] Hi, everybody. This is Doug. I am the curriculum manager in the Omniture business unit at Adobe. Today I'm going to discuss the subject, what is Omniture SearchCenter. Well, Omniture SearCenter simplifies search marketing by providing a common interface to manage search campaigns and metrics integrated with web analytics and optimization across search marketing programs. How's that for a mouthful? Search marketing is among the most popular and effective online marketing channels overall, but it's also one of the most complex. so by tying search marketing to the broader marketing plan and to the website as a whole, online marketers can improve brand engagement and online conversions. As you'll see here, we have our Omniture online marketing suite and the SearchCenter product is an acquisition product, so, obviously, helping get people to your site and to your business, really, so you can get them to convert and do the things that you want them to do online. [Introduction to the Omniture Suite] One of the cool things that we'll talk about here in a second is that the time is gone where you want to optimize your keyword searches based on search metrics. You want to optimize your keyword search based on site metrics, or site success, based on what you're trying to get them to do on your site. And that's another place where SearchCenter really shines because it integrates with the web analytics so that you can make sure that you're not wasting any of your money on just getting a lot of the wrong traffic. You're paying for that traffic, you want to make sure that you're getting the right traffic. So that integration is key. Here we have a screen shot of a SearchCenter interface, and you can see we have several search engine accounts listed here. In fact, you'll see multiple Yahoo accounts, multiple Google accounts. That's because you can, in fact, manage multiple accounts from the same search engines in SearchCenter. So that is one of the great benefits of SearchCenter, is that you can manage all the different campaigns in all your different search engine accounts from a single interface. You can view updated search engine bids and reports throughout the day, as they change throughout the day. You can also get reports from your web analytics throughout the day to see how those keywords are affecting your online business and your online success. So you'll be able to optimize campaigns all the way from keyword to landing page to success on your site. I just wanted to show you some very easy to use interfaces here. So when you go in and have a list of campaigns based on one of your search engine accounts, you can just click on the little add button there. In fact, we'll bring it up over here so you can see it a little bit better. We're going to keep clicking on that as we go through. So when you're looking at campaigns, you can say, "Add a campaign." So you'll get a little interface to add a campaign in that search engine. And you can see you add the different properties of the campaign, you add the budget, you can set the start date and the end date, whatever you want here, of course. You can set the status to active or inactive. Once you do that and you save that, then you click the plus button again after selecting your new campaign. Then you can add for that campaign, an add group. So you can select your group, and then you add again; is it active or is it not active? Is it paused, for example? You can set your max cpc, etc. You can set your default destination url for they keywords in that group. Once you select your group, then you can also click again on our little add button and you can create the keywords associated with that group or that will be in that add group. And you can also create the adds that go into that group. So you have all of these things that you select right there, and as soon as you add them in SearchCenter, they are then fed automatically and immediately back to the search engine account, so you don't have to go back into the search engine account. That's one of the purposes, again, of SearchCenter, is to be able to manage them right there in the SearchCenter interface. So, very easy to use, including some very advanced functionality that you can barely see down here, but it says, "Custom Groups." And you'll want to look into other videos for the custom groups function or feature in SearchCenter, because it's a very powerful feature for you to be able to get custom reports on specific keywords that might be sprinkled throughout your different campaigns. Anyway, just a little tip for you there. Now, as I mentioned at the very beginning, you want to be able to judge your success of your searches on your site. And not only on your site, I lied just a little bit, though. And that is, you can see here that we have predefined metrics based on simple standards. That's fine; We have clicks and we have impressions and those kinds of things that we have available to us, and reports pulled from the search engine. But we also, then, have user definable metrics for custom analysis based on your page, so how many times they get to the lead page, as well as online leads completed or whatever your success metrics are on your site. So you can see these two middle ones are pulled from the site metrics. Then, as a bonus, and this is where I only lied just a little bit, you might want to actually even base your success of your search marketing on stuff that even happens after your site. So you can see here that if we integrate with enterprise systems for deeper insights, we can pull information into SiteCatalyst from, for example, a CRM solution, and you'll be able to see how your different campaigns and your different keywords not only lead from clicks to a lead page to an online lead completed, but to a confirmed sale later on. So very powerful information for you as you try to really zone in on your search marketing success. Another very important key feature of SearchCenter is to be able to use customized bid management in your online strategies. So, one thing, as I mentioned, is that it is integrated with web analytics. So you have your search engines, you have your web analytics, and SearchCenter integrates these so that you can see exactly what effect your search marketing has on your site. But it goes another step further, and that is it allows you to use manual or automated bid management, including rules-based management or portfolio management to be able to manage and really hone in on the keywords that are going to work the best for you. So, again, you can have it automated so that it automatically looks at the success on your site and changes your bid rules based on that success in order to increase your success on your site. So, once again, very powerful, customizable bid management in SearchCenter. So that gives you a quick view into SearchCenter and what it is. Have a great day. [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe SearchCenter product is, and how it can help you.

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