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With Our Insight Centre, We Can Predict The Future; Create Ostensible Solutions - KPMG

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Not sure what prompted is the change or the emerging change both the global and local markets And for us in KPMG Nigeria Empowering change is in our DNA Bringing the INSIGHT CENTER to both the LOCAL MARKET and our CLIENTS Is extremely key to what we want to continue to do with our CLIENTS Now and in the future The KPMG INSIGHT CENTER in Lagos is really centered around Bring new capabilities to the Lagos environment to the Nigeria environment For us it is an interplay of the environment Like you can see the mix of colour, the design, the concept All this was put together with the deliberate intention to shock the individual Someone that encounters it for the first time to show him or her into creativity To shock the person into coming up with an innovative concept The environment has topnotch executive work space That really leverages on the capabilities and what is available in the KPMG network To push many of these things to the four Environment is one I think data is extremely important Because what data does to a lot of organization is your ability to have insightful information to make decisions And the more information you have, the better for you Gone at the days when you make decision base on experiences or a hunch or base on the way you feel about a particular decision Now it will be supported by data and you are going to make a very informed decisions And I think so yes start up with FINTECH or what ever the organization is still has opportunity to learn from data, past data to achieve their goals in the market place Working with start ups, fincotech and alike will be a good advantage Also for start ups if you develop thought leadership those startups can also leverages from information And use that because what normally happen in the market place is that when ever you want to start up something You have to do some research, some market research Data and thought leadership will be very key to start ups Working with fin techs is the ability to co-create this kind of organization We are all at the symbol which is improving the lifestyle of the ability to do business in different ways For me I think we are all working towards the same thing We are the ability to co-create, work with those fin tech companies with the very key And we also bring things to the table in terms of our own knowledge to the clients; information we have And like we said we have a lot of data our clients data both external and internal data That gives us those kinds of information We can also use data to predict the future It has been at the past when you can not have data to predict the future Looking at Nigeria the lending in the retail space has been deficient And the main reason is that people don't have enough information to lend With sufficient data lending companies will have more confidence to lend in that space This bring the ability of an organization to be able to lend in the retail space Which is always the issue if you look at Nigeria in the past Yes it will support lending especially the retail lending, mass lending, where you need to lend very quickly Where the volumes are high and being able to reach people The data that you have you can build models that enables you to have enough information To be able to lend to that sectors My understanding on cryptocurrency today is that people still don't have enough confidence In the Cryptocurrency It has affected the ability of Cryptocurrency to emerge I think the more data the more understanding people has about the Cryptocurrency People are still not comfortable for Cryptocurrency So the more data, the more use maybe with time it may come to stay That's my own personal view about Cryptocurrency What we have to do is we can learn from Cryptocurrency , how it came what hapened And you know both successes and failure data can show you how you can lend or leverage off those kinds of situation What we want to do with this INSIGHT CENTER is the ability to look at all the signals, events, data Things that happened and see how they can put that together in a very informative constrocutve way To enable people to make decisions for there business Different agencies collect our data And nobody is leveraging one data from the other You go to the past office you drop your data and sometimes is never in the right form or format for adequate use for what we are doing I think this is the way you change your society You work with the few that are ready and very progressive And there are clients that are already willing and are hopefully It will result in more people trying to change The emerging change that already happened nobody can stop it With more change it will get to the Government Government will think about centralizing all the data they get Because you get a sim card, you have a national Id , so many of data This is going to fast-track it, the more people are using data It will only fast-track the inevitable where we will have centralized data So that they won't be calling you from one place to the other In terms of collecting data from you I can see that happen We will always tact with people or the law arguing foots The firms that will lead tomorrow are the firm that will understand their customer Understands even the signals in the micro economic environment And be able to use the knowledge and their capabilities To solve those problems and meet the needs of their customer For me I think even if you are not used to doing it, most organization has been doing it But this just facilitates what ever you have been doing What I mean is that it enables you to do it in a faster way If we do not have ability to have enough information More than you competitors then you will be disadvantaged People said information age we said it a number of years ago And a number of people don't understand it Today in my business if i have more information About my business, about the micro economy, about my environment, about my customer than you I will definitely succeed Much more than you For me what this INSIGHT CENTER will do for us working with our clients is to give them that competitive advantage In the market place So beyond just having a space that looks creative and that supports the innovation agenda We also have the technology that really supports the collaboration and the creativity At the highest levels for us combining the environment and the technology is a big one for us And we cap that up with the advanced flan station techniques that is available to our team We are able to tease out creative ideas working with clients Or with start ups or other organizations in co-creation section Beyond identifying those ideas, where able to develop prototypes And eventually take those ideas into solutions That what the space is really about How we are able to mix the environment technology imagine technologies With the intention of creating real solutions That impact industry that impact our clients that impact the environment We want to see the ability to use this center to work with clients To co-create solutions that will help clients, if they are in a growth mode Or trying to manage there risk, what ever they intend to do We want this center to give them the opportunity to create solutions To create the ability or information to enable them hold their business, protect their business In any way they want it to be For us how will success be like When we see clients that can point using this facility And the thinking and all the facilitation and the thinking behind this INSIGHT CENTER to ought to grow their business Those are the kind of the testimonies we want to have So in five years we will have a number of testimonies that relate to the INSIGHT CENTER That will be success for us And we can go to the next level I think this INSIGHT CENTER is not the end Is the beginning of a lot of new thing to come

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