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MyKabbalah Lesson 2 mission 5 Engsmall

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Tikkun Workshop - Meditation Hi guys! You are doing great. And now that you filled the worksheet, shared with the community, and you have all the different pieces of the puzzle of that situation, we want to open ourselves to receive the answer of why this thing is happening in the first place, not from our mind from our intellect, from our rational thoughts, not even from our emotions that are reacting We want to encounter for the first time, the answer from our soul. Our soul is that place inside of us that is connected to the Light, that has the deeper, real answer to why the situation is happening. You might want to do this meditation at a time when you can sit peacefully. If this is the case. Let's get ready for this meditation. Great. Please sit down comfortably. Put your feet on the floor. Have one more look at your worksheet. So you have well present, the situation, the challenge. You can see the people. You remember the feeling. Reconnect to the problem. Great. Once you've done that, please put it on the side. Put your hands to your side. Move them a little bit so you can relax. Take a deep breath and let the tension out and close your eyes. Let's take a deep breath. Inhale Light and exhale. You might have so many thoughts passing through your head. It's OK. Let them pass. Let them dissolve while you keep on breathing. In this meditation, we want to go deep and connect and open the heart. Follow my voice and for a few moments, go to a place where you feel safe, or calm. It can be on the seaside and you can watch the water of the ocean. Or it can be in your room or on the balcony of your house. A place where you feel warm, at peace. And most importantly, where you can be yourself. Be there. Enjoy the presence for a moment. Relook at the situation, but this time, feel yourself looking inwards. Go deep inside, where your soul is. Your soul is so beautiful. So calm, so profound, so real, wise and still. Try to feel that calmness inside. Your soul is that place inside that is always connected to the Light. Look at the situation from that place, and ask, "What have I come to learn?" "To understand and to change?" "What have I come to open, or to share?" Try to feel the answer. Ask from that place inside your soul. What is the Light showing you? Maybe you need to let go. Maybe you to forgive and embrace. Maybe you need to risk and be vulnerable. Maybe you need to learn to speak up or to love. To care. To ask. Try to feel. Your soul is there. And see and understand, and is so happy to be encountering that situation. Sometimes, the answer is not always clear. Because sometimes it's about the process. And when the soul is ready, it gives you the answer. But it's all about connecting to that beautiful Light inside and understanding life from that point. Maybe you have some answers now. Or maybe you just have that peace and serenity. Whenever you allow the voice of the soul to express Take it with you. And when you're ready, we're going to take another deep breath And we're going to take that feeling with us. Take those answers. Take that Light with us. As we slowly come back to the room in which we are. I'm going to count to three. On three, we're going to open our eyes with a more renewed, profound understanding and energy. One, continue breathing deeply. Two, and three. Open your eyes. How do you guys feel? Good. I hope you have some answers. Even if you don't, it's OK. Again, it's about the process of us allowing ourselves to get answers from that place inside that is our soul. It is always connected to the Light. Continue going back to it. Continue practicing and you will see the soul will start slowly, slowly speaking up to you more and more, and showing you amazing opportunities for change and growth. See you soon.

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