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I come back AfterLife/Death: Dassa, Missing Child i was killed as Sex Trade

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Desteni Presents: Vlogs from the AfterLife/Death - Dassa Hello! my name is, Dassa, and I am here to tell you 'my story' of, my experience as a child, in this world and 'what happened to me' when, I was seven years old. I 'stayed' in a village, and in this village in which I lived, I had to walk from school to home, which was ~ about forty minutes walk, yes, forty minutes and I remember walking from school, out of school, and it was sunny it was quite hot and my friends and I were laughing at, a picture, that I had painted, and I had to draw, of a cow but, the cow that I had drawn on the picture looked more like a 'box with legs'. So we laughed at my drawing. and, as I was walking out, my friend said goodbye and I said, goodbye and they ran to their parents. and, there in front of me by a tree, was standing one of my father's, "friend" who frequently came to visit us well him and my father used to, always drink in the evening together, well he come with lots of alcohol and, bring in and then him and my father would drink 'all the night through', my mother and I would 'quitely not be present' So that, we do not stirred up unnecessary conflict, because that 'happened before', and my father 'flipped out' and, he would just get 'furious and angry', so we be 'mouse' and I've known the mouse game, for awhile because my mother always said: We must be as quiet as a mouse. So I called it 'the mouse game' whenever, my father's friend would come over, then I'd say to my mother: mouse game! and! my father's friend was standing by the tree and he, usher me over and he said, that, my mother sent him, to make sure, that I get 'home safe'. Because she, she's recently become 'worry of me having to walk alone home', to home from 'school'. So, we walked and we walked for awhile, and he asked me how I am and, I showed him my drawing and what I'd done at school and then, a yellow car stopped. and I remember the dirt from the car, that had, blown into my eyes, because they were dirt roads, and, he took me, and he said: Ok. we're going to take the ride in the, car. and I said: Ok. So I climbed in to the car, and we drove off. and since that day I hadn't seen, my mother 'again' and neither my father, because four months after that I- was 'killed' (right) What had happened to me is they'd taken me, and they'd taken me to, another man. They were in this home, and they were, about seven or eight other men sitting there there were three woman, and he, took all my cloths off and he looked at me, and, this other man gave my father's friend 'money', lots of money, and I, stayed in that house from that moment 'forth', and I couldn't get out I was 'locked' into a room, and in that room I stayed for four months. (right) (sigh) and I was tied with my, hands on the bed, here (wrists) I was tied on my- with my hands on the bed there, and Sometimes my feet because, I would 'kick and scream', when other men or woman would come in and, fondle me. and, that's what they did! So my father's friend kidnapped 'me', and sold me to another, man To, for his business of making moneys, through men and woman coming and, 'fondling me', and A woman killed me actually, she came in, and she looked at me, and she started 'crying'. and she said: No child, deserves this and she took a 'knife', and she, pierced my heart, and she 'killed me', and while she was doing that she was praying. shes- 'asking god' to forgive her for killing me (grin) but, I am grateful that she did, because (sigh) It was, painful experience, and, it would be 'four times a week' that, a man or a woman come in and do with me whatever they 'pleased'. and they would tied my hands and my feet. and I wouldn't be able to do anything. Plaster my mouth so that I don't bite. (grin) because I did all that. and then I the- 'be whipped', if I was out- out of character meaning: screaming and yelling and crying and kicking, I will be whipped. I had decent food, but I was locked in a room and always there, and then they'd come in and put me on the bed and tied me down and that's when I know that someone has 'paid', to come in and fondle with me. or have sex with me, with these 'both' men and woman, for four months. When I was seven years old. So, What we must stop is - Human- is this- is the sexual, tendency and desires within human beings which is manifesting 'such' experiences of children such as myself in this world, is 'collectively', that is the reason why, such experience has existed! because of human being's, sexual tendency and "desires" So please assist and support yourself, to sort out, sex, and sexuality inside of yourself. Particularly with regards to relationships also, that sex is no more feeding, the constructs, and manifestations in this world such as children such as myself, being sold for, 'sex'. Thank you, this is Dassa More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Country: South Africa
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Sep 29, 2009


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