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3 Humanos mais Humanos - Thymus_ Não Desperdice a Crise

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This crisis can make us more humane. But it will depend on our choices. That's why the talk today is about the competence to make choices. More Humane Humans DO NOT WASTE THE CRISIS Making choices has to do with what we want in our lives. And the tool to put this desire into practice is critical awareness. Exactly: critical awareness. There are plenty of people with a rusty critical awareness. Rusty, from lack of use! People who choose to receive and obey orders without asking why. And they do it for safety, for if something goes wrong they wash their hands saying "I'm just following orders." They are people who anesthetize awareness so as not to conflict with the command. There are people who act like that for education and conditioning but there are people who consciously choose to be unaware. In the past this submissive behavior, would guarantee a job in the same company for a long time. Today these people can lose their jobs at any time. Especially with the rising of artificial intelligence. That's why they are the most affected by the modern diseases like anxiety and depression. Even if they are competent, disciplined and obedient, they will have a hard time. Because artificial intelligence will follow orders, process and analyze information, and work much better than humans. I believe. Artificial intelligence will humanize people's relationship with work. Artificial intelligence will provoke and bring critical awareness to the game. Innovation for example: critical awareness is the basis of innovation, because those who are happy with the world the way it is, don’t question. And who don’t question, don’t innovate. The best practices, which have guaranteed safety to managers, are pure anesthesia for critical awareness now. And according to Alê Costa from Cacau Show: "Watch out! Best practices prevent better practices." AI will value what is most humane in humans, which is awareness. It is not intelligence nor affection, it is awareness. Data capitalism has already showed the way to create wealth in a safer way. Act more "by the soul", with awareness leadership. And less "by the book", with anesthetized awareness. What will we mean to our future? Children are already being trained in the exercise of wish. It has to do with the revolution of what's happening in education but it's also about fun. Games, for example. What do you play? Pac Man, Super Mario or Minecraft? I'll tell you how these games evolved from the point of view of the player's power and will. I learned this from my friend Tiago Eugenio specialist in digital games and gamification. What can you do in Pac Man? Move sideways, up, down. In Mario. You can do a little more, change the scene, change the stage. What about Minecraft? What can you do? You can do whatever you like! It is total power. So, if you can do everything, what do you want? Moreover, besides your will, you have to deal with your friends’ will the ones who you play with all the time. That is: when children play, they are exercising will and negotiation. Look at this player's brain being educated to make choices in complex situations, which is how our future is being designed. This is so cool! Do not waste the crisis, pal, let's face the need to make difficult choices caused by the crisis, as critical awareness physiotherapy. Our evolution points to more humane human beings. And technology can be of service to that, the crisis can be of service to that, and games can be of service to that. It all depends on our choices. Let's go together! We'll meet here! See you next time!

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Posted by: robelinky on Apr 13, 2020

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