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-Do not try to adjust the picture. -A new form of television is here. -Hey, what's up you guys? So today's video is about personal space, something I haven't had too much of lately. -Hey Shane, I ran out of Kleenex. I know you must be packing, right? -Aunt Hilda, I'm kind of busy right now. -Shane, having old men PayPal you to get naked on the Internet does not make you busy. -I don't do that. -Where'd he go? I thought I was gonna see balls. -So do you think you can leave the house tonight? You know, my bingo club is coming over and we just need some privacy. -You really don't need to call it a bingo party anymore. I already know about the sex parties you have with the Indian neighbors. -Sex parties? What do you think I am, some kind of a slut? [doorbell rings] -We are ready to fuck. [squeaky chant] -Wow, these Jehovah's witnesses are getting kinky, huh? -Can I ask you something? -Okay, you caught me. The teddybear you sleep with is really a hidden camera. -What? -Nothing. [camera beeps] -Do you think you could knock before you come in? -Knock? Like a housekeeper? -Like a civilized human being. -Okay, that is the opposite of a housekeeper. Sorry, Lupe. Ugh, how many times have I told you Lupe? I don't speak Taco Bell, I only eat it. -Never mind, I'll leave. Just let me finish my video. -Thank you. Who wants some of my Slurpee? -I do! [squeaky chant] -Sorry about that. That's an example of what I'm talking about. My personal bubble has been popped. And it's not just at home, I mean, I have friends that get way too close to me too. They want to be a part of everything I'm doing. Like this. And action. Cut! Damn it! I told you to look cute, not adorable! Ugh, you fucking idiot! [clashing] -Ooh, okay, Shane, I'm ready for my big moment. How do I look? Do I look like Megan Fox? -No. -Thank God, that bitch looks like she sucked a lemon and then kissed a curling iron. [puckering sounds] -What are you doing here? -I thought I could help you with your YouFlu videos. I have so many ideas. Okay, before we start, exactly how much of my coochinator am I allowed to show on FluTube? -None of it. -Oh. But I can show my titties, right? -No. -Oh. -Or your asshole. -Well, I do have this one idea. -And you can't shoot people. -Time to brainstorm. -Yeah, annoying and kind of inappropriate. But getting distance from somebody you love is hard. Almost as hard as it is for Kesha to Twitter. Yeah, her keyboard is probably stickier than mine. So the point of my video is yes, it's very hard to not have space. And if you're really close to somebody and you're in each other's way, you should probably take a break. But when it comes to family it's different. You get annoyed by them, you feel like they're interrupting your life, you just wish they would go away, but in reality, they're all you got. And if you got any family, even just one member, you're lucky. 'Cause there's a lot of people out there that don't have anybody. And I know it's hard, but believe me, the more your family bugs you, the more they care. -Shane, I'm gonna need a lot more tissues. -I won't stop bleeding! -Never mind. Habeeb, use your turban to soak up the blood. I don't care if it's against your religion, that's my damn couch! -All right, you guys. I'm gonna go. Have a good week. Leave me a comment telling me who's the most important person in your life. Extra brownie points if it's me. And I will see you guys next week, bye. Uh, I lied, the video's not over. I had a quick announcement, I totally forgot. 'Cause I filmed this video last week before I went out of town, and now I'm back from out of town, and I forgot to tell you that the new Take180 video where I play Lady Gaga's gay obsessed fan is up right now, so I'll put an annotation somewhere. And yes, I am wearing a Dolly Parton shirt. I'm not even gonna explain why. See you guys later. Captioned by SpongeSebastian -Where'd he go? I thought I was gonna see balls.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 31 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Shane Dawson
Director: Shane Dawson
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Nov 22, 2010

ShaneDawsonTV with Shane Dawson.

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