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Demand A Real Plan!

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Northwoods Gulf of Tonkin Gladio Kent state Ruby ridge Waco Oklahoma city The World Trade Center The Pentagon Shanksville Hurricane Katrina Fast and Furious - Fast and Furious - Fast and Furious How many more? - How many more? - How many more false flags? How many more? How many more government buildings? How many more innocent people? How many more? - How many more? - What has been the number one cause of unnatural death in history? Democide, or death by government has killed 290 million people on record. Two hundred and ninety million people. Killed. Killed. Two hundred and ninety million. Killed by government. Government. The number one killer in history is democide. Democide. - Democide - Death by government. Look it up. Go look it up. In the 20th century, government murdered 4x as many people as were killed in all of the international and domestic wars combined. USSR, 1917 - 1987 61 911 000 people killed Hitler's Germany, nearly 21 million people killed. Japan's imperialism, nearly 6 million people killed. Western Colonialism (combined) killed over 50 million people. Polpot's Cambodia, funded by the US government, 2 million people killed. China's communist party, as many as 76 million people killed between 1949 and 1987. And the list goes on and on. So now you know the most dangerous thing to you and your family in the world is government. Because mass murderer's agree. Gun control works. Disarming citizens is democide. - Disarming citizens is democide - Disarming citizens is democide. How many people have died because of Fast and Furious? No more false flags. Enough! - Enough! - It's enough! Now is the time. It's time! It's time to realize, that when the government takes your guns, people die. It's time to realize, that the biggest threat to you and your family is government. It's time to recognize, government is the greatest killer of all time. It's time! Demand a plan. Demand. Demand a plan. Demand a plan right now. As a free human being. As an American. - As an American - As an American citizen. As a Patriot. For your children. Demand to know. Why you and your children are forced into a gun-free zones, while government officials, celebrities and their children are protected by armed guards. Demand they show you word 'hunting' in the 2nd Amendment. Demand to know why the government shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Demand our government stops blowing up federal buildings. Demand that our troops stop protecting opium fields in Afghanistan and come home. Demand that government stopped this phony drug war. Demand to know why the Department of Homeland Security bought more than 1.6 billion hollow point bullets with our money. Demand our government stopped poisoning our food supply with genetically modified organisms. Demand that president Obama stops killing innocent woman and children all around the world with his illegal drone attacks. Demand an end to these unconstitutional wars. Demand that the TSA stops groping our genitals at the airport. Demand that the NSA stopped illegally spying on all of us all the time. Demand that toxic fluoride be removed from the water supply. Demand our polititians uphold a Constitution and Bill of Rights as they swore to when they took office. Its time. It's time for our leaders to act like leaders. It's time for our leaders to read. The Constitution. It's time for our leaders to obey. The Constitution. The Constitution. - The Constitution - Because a well regulated militia with ten round magazines would not last very long. Demand an end to citizen disarmament. Government sponsored terror. And democide. DEMOCIDE! Death by government. Right NOW! Right now. - Right now - We are sick and tired of our tyranical government taking away our rights. Stop stealing our rights! Our rights! - Our rights - How many more people does the government have to kill? Enough! - Enough! - Enough already! Enough! - Enough! - ENOUGH! Enough! E N O U G H ! Enough of the people laying down and letting government kill them en masse after disarming them as they have done throughout history over and over and over again. ENOUGH, ENOUGH of laying down and letting these criminals use us up like slaves. OPERATION NORTHWOODS, GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT, OPERATION GLADIO, KENT STATE MASSACRE, SIEGE AT RUBY RIDGE WACO MASSACRE, OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, 9/11 WORLD TRADE CENTER, THE PENTAGON, SHANKSVILLE - PENNSYLVANIA HURRICANE KATRINA GUN CONFISCATION, OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS LOOK IT UP! HOW MANY MORE? WWW.INFOWARS.COM

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Demand A Real Plan! Enough already! Enough of disarmament and democide! [infowar strikes back]

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