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新世界秩序: 第二阶! 第一阶已经运作 独家揭开惊人政府管制计划的真相!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Design of "The New World Order" (em) this is Design of the New World Order. human beings, there is One thing - to Consider there is One thing - to Realize..that the New Word Order "Already Exists" You "Are Already in a New World Order". you're Already being Controlled, Influenced.. and Directed..Within and as "the New World Order"..the New World Order.. has Been "Implemented"..for Quite some time, Already. Have a Look.. at How this World is Setup - the Countries, the Governments, the Societies.. what Controls this Existence? One Thing - "Money"..Everything. this Whole World is Controlled by: "Money". if you Don't have Money - you Don't Survive. you Don't Live..the Answer's been: Here - for Quite sometime, within and of this World. the Only Reason: Why the Specific Placement of Words as the New World Order - has been Infiltrated Within, and of this World? is to Correlate..and Equate: human being's Reactions to what Is.. Already Manifested and Implemented..and Placed Within this World.. as "a New Word Order" the New World but "a Name Placement"..because, you're Not Really Hearing the "New"'re Hearing "World - Order"..and..In That.. there're human beings: within and of this World who are - Correlating, Equating, Checking human beings of this World: Reaction to a "New World Order"..Why would they Do that? they're Checking - Basically, How Controlled Are You? How Suppressed Are You? How Deft Are You? How Blind Are You?..they're Checking the "Control Placement" - of Each and Every Single human Being, Within this World - through Infiltrating the Name: "New World Order". Now, they're Still in the Process..of Correlating, Checking.. and Equating human beings: Reactions - to a "New World Order"..because, there is a Next Phase: that they're Attempting to Implement. that this Next Phase - can Only be a Way..that's Unexpected: Within human being's..Placement of themselves, in this World. therefore: they'll make you as Dumb as Possible, as Stupid as Possible, as Blind as Possible.. and as Deft as Possible..of course, it is Gonna Take - some Years..Have a Look, for instance.. that the Universal Structure Resonance's: Video Interview on Nano-Technology, and you'll See what they're..Attempting to Placed: Within this World - for World Control, World Power..World Money. human beings, Realize: that you're Already in - a "New World Order". you're Already in a "One" World Order All: that is Left is - YOU. you're Able to Stand Up, Live and be Heard. i would Also Suggest: you watch..the Wind Shred Video Interviews - on How Each: Individually Must Stand: for All as One as Equal, of Life (All Life). Stand Up, and be Heard. Fighting Will Make No Difference. (what you Resist - Declares That's Superior on you) Resistance will make No Difference. Organizations, Establishments, Movements - will make No Difference. this has Already been Proved, Over and Over and Over, Again. you want to Stop what we have Accepted and Allowed within this World? Stop within Self - First. we Are the Key.."Each and Every Single, Individual One" of Us - is the Key. this.."New World Order" - "One World Order" that's Already been Placed.. and manifested Withing this World - it's Here - because we Have Accepted and Allowed "It" to be Here. we haven't been Aware.. we haven't been Here - as Ourselves, as the Breathe..we haven't Heard, we haven't Seen now, Open your Eyes and Hear. Open your Eyes and See. Thank you very much. this is the Design of..the "New World Order"..that is Already - Here. Thank you very much. More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: For Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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