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[Microsoft Power Apps Guided Learning] >>Michael: Welcome to guided learning for Power Apps, my name is Michael Blythe, and I'll be one of your guides for this course. I'm a content developer at Microsoft, I work on PowerApps, Power BI, and related technologies. Your other guide is James Olnick, James is the program manager on the Power Apps team, and you will see him in later segments. We now have guided learning courses for Power BI, Power Apps, and Microsoft Flow. So what is guided learning? Fundamentally, it's a self-paced course, it starts out with the basics and then gets into more complex territory later. The Power Apps course has several sections each with several related topics. Each topic has a video and then written content with plenty of graphics that make it easy to absorb. The topics are sequential, you can skip around a bit, especially if you're familiar with Power Apps, but it works best to do them in order. Content is "snackable," you don't need an hour to learn something useful. We tell you on the landing page for guided learning how long a topic should take you to finish. For example, this topic is about five minutes if you watch the video and then read the content, too. Guided learning is high-level by design. We still have great core documentation that goes into more detail and provides all the reference content you need to build apps. To check it out, go to, and click learn, documentation, and then browse or search. Okay, enough about the course itself, let's talk about Power Apps for a moment. Many organizations need line of business applications but find themselves caught between two poles. On the one hand, off-the-shelf software, which these days is often a cloud service of some kind. And on the other hand, completely custom software. Many times, the one-size-fits-all service isn't adequate, but the business need doesn't justify the time and cost of a traditional custom app. This is where PowerApps comes in. PowerApps is a set of services and apps that enable you to build line of business applications rapidly based on skills you already have and then share those apps easily across a department as well as an entire organization. You build apps in PowerApps studio, which is available for Windows and on the web. You manage and share those apps through And you run apps in Dynamics 365 and in PowerApps mobile for Windows, iOS, and Android. Well that's it for the introduction, thanks for joining us on this journey, and we hope you'll continue. Next up, we'll get into the parts of PowerApps in more detail. [Microsoft]

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